Auditdata headquarters lie in the greater Copenhagen area, Taastrup.

Company history

Auditdata A/S was founded by Claus Bak Petersen in 1992 as a joint venture with Danavox (now GN ReSound).

Auditdata in the 90s: Core business targets audiologists in the health sector

From the very beginning Auditdata has been dedicated to the development of software applications for the health sector, including modules for programming digital hearing instruments, technical and administrative software systems covering all functions in a hearing clinic.

Our primary goal when starting up was to eliminate one of the major issues in hospital-based hearing clinic workflow: errors due to multiple systems with no or little synchronisation of data.

Tailor-made office management software supports hospital workflows

In 1993, we met the challenge with the launch of AuditBase - tailor-made office management software for the optimisation of patient treatment in public sector audiology. Read more about AuditBase.

AuditBase has become a standard in hospital-based audiology clinics

Today, AuditBase is helping audiology clinics in hospitals by interfacing client records, scheduling, and audiology diagnostics with central medical record systems. More than 80 % of all hospitals in UK and Scandinavia use AuditBase.

Auditdata in the 00s: Introducing office management for private clinics

In 1999, we introduced Mirage - a system similar to AuditBase for use by private hearing aid dispensers. Aimed exclusively at the German market, the Mirage System was supported by a German subsidiary.

AUditdata CEO Claus Bak PetersenChange of ownership to GN Resound – and back

CEO, Claus Bak Petersen, sold his holdings in Auditdata to GN ReSound in 2000. Subsequently, in 2003, Auditdata merged with GN Otometrics as a product division. In 2006, Claus Bak Petersen repurchased the company and is CEO and shareholder of Auditdata A/S today.

Strategic acquisition and establishing offshore offices

The following years saw establishment of Auditdata office in United Kingdom, in Ukraine and in Germany.

A strategic decision to enter a new field materialised in the acquisition of Real Ear A/S in 2010.

Auditdata in the 10s: Software excellence is coupled with hardware skills

With the acquisition of Real Ear A/S in 2010, Auditdata entered new grounds: hardware development.

Primus+ fitting unitA new standard in fitting with the PC-based Primus Fitting System

Primus Fitting System was launched in 2011 as an an innovative audiometer and fitting system that includes everything needed within audiometry, real ear measurements, client counselling and hearing instrument testing. Read more about Primus.

Into the cloud with OMS services for private hearing clinics

Strato was launched in 2012 as the result of our many years of experience with clinic management system development. All our expertise is extracted into this cloud-based clinic management system for private practices. Read more about Strato.

OTOPod portable audiometerAcquisitions strengthen Auditdatas position and open new markets

In 2015, Auditdata made two strategic acquisitions; US-based Otovation and Swedish Entomed. Both companies produce audiology equipment. See Otovation and Entomed audiometers here.


Investment fund is new major shareholder of Auditdata

In July 2016 the investment fund, GRO Capital, acquired 46 % of the Auditdata shares thereby becoming the majority shareholder in the company. The aim is to boost Auditdata Sales and Marketing in order to accelerate growth. Read the news item here.

 Gro Capital investment fund

Today, Auditdata continues to develop, market and support total solutions in audiology for both hospital and private audiology clinics.

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Measurement solutions

Our measurement solutions support almost any need any audiologist could have. Our portfolio ranges from advanced PC-based fitting systems to basic stand-alone audiometers. Learn more about our measurement solutions here.

Measurement solutions
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Clinic management for private practices

Our cloud-based clinic management system, Strato, has proved to be of great value to our customers. Experience for yourself how your clinic workflow can be optimised. Learn more about Strato here.

Strato clinic management