Entomed SA 201

If you need a traditional, manual stand-alone audiometer for screening purposes, the Entomed SA 201 is just that. You can program the audiometer to your individual needs, making it convenient and time-saving.

Traditional stand-alone audiometer

As a nurse or ENT professional, you might need a traditional screening audiometer for fast, basic screening and hearing threshold determination.

Entomed SA201 is a classic stand-alone audiometer

If you have been used to working with traditional audiometers, the Entomed SA 201 is one of a series of familiar audiometers that are traditionally shaped with a control panel and buttons for convenient testing.

Accurate tests in a robust body

You can use the Entomed SA 201 to perform basic pure-tone audiometric tests with full frequency and output range. SA 201 is user friendly, robust, reliable and yet its light-weight design makes it ideal for frequent field use.

The test results can be viewed on the display by scrolling through the frequency range. For each frequency the corresponding threshold level is shown on the display.

Technical specifications

Signal format: Single pulse (1.3 sec duration)
Continuous (while Present key is pressed)
PULSING (2.5 pulse/sec)
Frequency modulation (± 5 %)
Special capabilities: Built-in talk forward microphone with volume control
Storage of last audiogram for after-test evaluation
Transducers: TDH-39, DD45, and ER-5A insert earphones
Dimensions: 376 x 73 x 264 mm
Weight: 1500 g
Power supply: 110 V - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
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Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. Further, we are experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals. Se some of our other audiometers here.

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