Entomed SA 203

Are you used to a traditional, diagnostic audiometer with a control panel? If so, the Entomed SA 203 will be very familiar to you, all-though more light-weight than usual.

Traditional stand-alone diagnostic audiometer

Whether you like working manually, when running hearing tests, or you like to run automatic tests, the Entomed SA 203 can cater for your needs.

Entomed SA 203 is a manual/automatic pure-tone and bone conduction diagnostic audiometer with narrow band masking possibilities. It is light-weight and portable making it convenient for frequent field use.

Entomed SA203 is a stand-alone diagnostic audiometer

More possibilities in a traditional design

If you like a familiar audiometer design that includes a control panel on the unit but also want to be able to transfer your audiograms electronically, the Entomed SA 203 is ideal for your preferences.

You can connect the unit to a PC with an optional cable, so you can view and store your audiograms electronically. The unit stores the 50 latest audiograms with date, time and personal identification.

The Entomed SA 203 can be programmed according to your individual needs via the set-up menu for convenient and quick testing. You can also connect an optional free-field speaker system to complete the system.

Technical specifications

Signal format: Single pulse (1.3 sec duration)
Continuous (while Present key is pressed)
PULSING (2.5 pulse/sec)
Frequency modulation (± 5 %)
Special capabilities: Built-in talk forward microphone with volume control
Internal memory - stores up to 50 complete audiograms in non- volatile memory
Synchronized Masking - The level of masking will automatically track with the stimulus level
Hard copy print-outs to any PCL 5 printer, via optional SA 07 printer interface cable
Computer interface, via optional RS 232 computer cable
RS 232 interface
Transducers: TDH-39, DD45, and ER-5A insert earphones
Dimensions: 376 x 73 x 264 mm
Weight: 1500 g
Power supply: 110 V - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Download the full Entomed SA 203 brochure

Get the Entomed Audiogram Viewer

If you want to view your audiogram on your pc, please download our Audiogram Viewer. 

The Entomed Audiogram Viewer - your PC audiogram Pad - is available for download and use with Entomed SA 202, SA 203, and SA 204 audiometer.

No charges apply.

Audiogram Viewer

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Click below to download the Audiogram Viewer for the Entomed SA 203 audiometer. 

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Download the Audiogram Viewer

If you prefer to view your audiogram on your pc, you will need the Audiogram Viewer for Entomed audiometers.

The Entomed Audiogram Viewer will support:

  • Automatic transfer/presentation of audiograms on to screen in real time mode
  • Possibility to type text notes/comments on to the audiogram
  • Hard copy audiogram printouts on any preferred connected PC printer
  • Record keeping of audiograms, in PDF-format, on any PC/server

Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. Further, we are experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals. Se some of our other audiometers here. 

Entomed SA 204

Entomed SA 204.png

The classic stand-alone audiometer Entomed SA 204 is a manual/automatic pure-tone, bone conduction and speech testing diagnostic audiometer.

Entomed SA 204


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