OTOPod – clinical audiometer

If you are a hearing care professional looking for a truly wireless, clinical audiometer, the OTOPod is what you need. Its small size and elegant form combined with wireless operation make it convenient to use for both you and your client.

Light-weight and wireless

Are you often out and about to visit clients or for other reasons need to bring your audiometer with you, the OTOPod will make your life a lot easier. It is highly portable and weighs only 162g including 2 AA batteries. It is truly wireless as the response button is integrated, so you only need to plug in your transducers to go to work. 

Fast and easy testing

As a hearing care professional, your time is valuable. You want testing to run fast and smooth. Since the OTOPod is managed wirelessly with the Symphony software running on your Windows PC, testing is fast and easy.

OTOPod audiometer

Symphony is designed to be easily customized to your testing preferences - with dozens of parameters to tailor the operation to the test methods and protocol you prefer.

The combination of the OTOPod with our Symphony PC software provides the flexibility and portability you need to enhance your testing productivity, whether you are an audiologist, a hearing aid specialist or other hearing care professional.

The OTOPod is controlled via a wired USB connection or wireless Bluetooth, which works well in the field or in the office. You can even use the OTOPod with a sound-proof enclosure.

Flexible and easy to operate

You will find that the OTOPod is very easy to operate and to set up. You can choose the transducer of your choice, including TDH-39 and Sennheiser circumaurals, and choose between using just the AA batteries or an external power supply. Your clients will also find the OTOPod comfortable and easy to use with the integrated response button.

Air, bone and speech testing

You can use the OTOPod to perform both air, bone and speech testing. It includes advanced auto test features for air and bone conduction testing and speech tests include SRT, WRS (Discrimination), MCL and UCL. You can fully customise testing with a wide range of parameters. M1 Screening is a simple and easy-to-use screening audiometer featuring air conduction testing.

Technical specifications

Transducers: TDH-39, HDA300, and B-71 bone conductor
Frequencies: 125, 250, 500, 750, 1k, 1.5k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k, and 8k Hz
Levels: -10 dB to 110/115 dB HL (transducer dependent)
Compatibility: Noah 3.7, 4 and 4.4 as well as other clinic management systems such as Strato and AuditBase
Presentation: Steady, pulse, or warble tone
Included: 2 AA rechargeable batteries, 5V DC charger
Weight: 162 g plus charger and transducers (varies)

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