Noah - a standard in audiology

Noah is a software product developed by HIMSA to allow hearing health care professionals to combine measurement and fitting modules from many different suppliers into one integrated system. 

A unified system for audiology

Noah was developed by HIMSA in 1993. Today, Noah is a de facto standard used by the large majority of audiologists and dispensers around the world. For any audiologist or dispenser considering purchasing an office management system (OMS), Noah-compatibility is an important feature because it allows storage of complete client records, including administrative data, hearing tests, measurements and fittings.

The Noah software system is designed specifically for the hearing care industry, providing hearing care professionals with a unified system for performing client-related tasks.

Certified clinic management systems

Since our very beginning, Auditdata has led the industry in supporting the Noah standard.

In 1997, Auditdata's AuditBase System was made available as a Noah-compatible OMS.

What is HIMSA?

HIMSA (The Hearing Instrument Manufacturers' Software Association) is a Danish organisation founded in 1993.

HIMSA's objective is to develop, market and support Noah as a standard for integrated hearing care software.

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AuditBase was certified by HIMSA in 1999, the first year of HIMSA's certification testing program.

In 2001, Auditdata was one of the first companies to offer an OMS product for use with the newly-released Noah 3.0.

In 2013, all Auditdata products were officially certified for Noah 4 including our clinic management system for private hearing care practices, Strato.

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Purchasing Noah

Even if Noah is your only software requirement, we encourage you to contact your nearest Auditdata office. As a HIMSA member, we are licensed to sell Noah and with our many years of experience we are uniquely qualified to support your Noah software.

Want to know more?

You can always contact us, if you have any questions regarding any of our solutions.

Besides being experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals, we offer a series of audiometers and fitting products. See some of our other products below.

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