Working offline when needed

If you are often in areas with no or unstable internet, you can still use the necessary basic functionalities in Strato. You can prepare you data for offline work in advance or keep working even though the internet connection fails. 

Simple but effective offline options in Strato

Even though Strato is built for working online, we know that some might sometimes have to work where there is no internet connection. The Strato offline mode enables you to work offline in a simple but efficient way. 

Some functions only work when you are online. However when working in offline mode, you can still carry out the most important actions. You can:  

  • Create and edit client demographic data 
  • Perform audiometric measurements 
  • Carry out hearing instrument fittings 
  • Perform REM/HIT measurements 
  • Write journals

When your internet connection fails 

What if the internet crashes while you are working? In those instances, Strato asks you whether you want to close Strato down or keep working offline. If you choose to work offline, you will have to create clients with a minimum of information, before you can work with them. When you are online again, Strato will ask you to merge your data, and as long as you have used a personal identifiable ID for the offline clients, your data can easily be merged without duplicates.

Scheduled offline work or teleaudiology

When you know that you will need to access Strato offline, you can prepare for it beforehand. You simply select the clients you need to work with and ask Strato to prepare them for offline work. Next when you log into Strato offline, you will find your list of prepared clients on the front page of Strato. It does not get much easier.

Automatic synchronisation 

Once you are back online, Strato will automatically detect that you have local client files saved on your laptop that need to be synchronised with your online database. Strato then recommends that you upload the new data before you start working in Strato online. All you have to do, is say yes, wait for the data to synchronise and you are back on track with all your data available online.

Want to learn more? 

Download the Strato brochure to the right for more information.

If you are interested in trying out Strato, you can request a trial license and test Strato yourself.

All modules and functions are available with the trial license and you can even import Noah data to test Strato with real data. 

You can also contact us, if you have any questions about Strato. We will be happy to help you out!

Strato brochure

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Strong protection of data 

When your keep your client data locally on your PC in between offline and online work, there is a higher risk of the data being corrupted or at worst stolen.

To protect your data, we have installed some limitations when working offline: 

  • You can only store up to 100 clients locally 
  • Only Strato users who used Strato online on the local PC beforehand can log in to the offline mode 
  • You can only work offline up to 14 calendar days, after which Strato will be locked until you are online again 
  • You can control which users have access to the offline module by creating different user roles



Read more about keeping your data protected in Strato.

In general, we have a very high focus on keeping our customers' data protected. You can read more about that in our Trust Center.

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