Primus Video Otoscope

The Primus Video Otoscope combines modern technology with a mobile product. With crisp optics and bright LED illumination, it will improve your chances of precise diagnostics during a fitting and increase client satisfaction.

Get you clients on board

Seeing is believing and with the Primus Video Otoscope you can show your clients where the problem is. Capture, view and store images on your PC and view them on an external monitor to enhance understanding while counselling the client.

Primus Video Otoscope

Innovative video technology

With the Primus Video Otoscope, you can perform Otoscopic examinations and check the placement of the probe tube in the ear canal with magnified clarity. The precise optics, bright LED illumination and the advanced camera electronics of the video otoscope are perfectly harmonized. This results in clear images with natural colour quality for precise diagnostics.

Full integration with Noah and the Primus software

The Primus Video Otoscope is fully integrated with the Primus software, which enables you to work fast and efficient. You can also store images directly in Noah when saved. Both options will save you valuable time every day.

Lightweight and easy-to-use

Small and compact in size, you can easily take the Primus Video Otoscope with you for external visits. You just plug in the Video Otoscope to your laptop via a USB cable and the Primus software picks up the connection. There is also a foot switch included for hands-free capture to ensure a more stable picture.


Technical specifications

Standards: The Primus Video Otoscope fulfils the standard IEC 60601-1-2:2007
Protection Class: IP 67
Air Pressure: 950hpa to 1050hpa
Power Supply / Consumption: USB / max. 0,5A
Temperature (Transport / Operation): -10°C to +70°C / 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: 0% to 95%
Diameter Ø Probe: 4,0mm
Diameter Ø Ear funnel: 2,5mm & 4,0mm
Dimensions Hand piece: 130 mm x 40mm x 40mm / 60 gr
Dimensions Hub: 170 mm x 70 mm x 130mm / 400 gr

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