Primus Business Analytics

Have you ever wondered how work processes in your hearing care practices could be streamlined for improved quality and competitiveness?

Are you required to document compliance with defined protocols and quality standards?

Can you imagine having a simple and automated system to keep track of calibration dates and equipment location across your hearing care practices?

Insight for Continuous Business Improvement

Primus Business Analytics offers detailed insight into your audiology and fitting processes

With Primus Business Analytics, valuable process data is automatically collected from the daily operations in your hearing care clinics. The collected process data provides added visibility.

In addition to the detailed process information, Primus Business Analytics keeps track of transducer calibration due dates, as well as presenting the status and whereabouts of your Primus equipment and transducers.

Gain a competitive edge from improved process insight

Detailed process data is collected from the operation of your Primus systems. This data allows monitoring and documentation of compliance with company work protocols and with relevant legislation.

The collected data also provides valuable input for identification of best practices, defining training activities and streamlining of the work processes in your hearing care practices. The collected data is a prerequisite for your efforts to improve efficiency and gaining a competitive edge.


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We invite you to contact us for a discussion on how Primus Business Analytics can support your efforts to secure quality and efficiency.

We will be happy to answer any question you might have on Primus Business Analytics.

Primus Pro


Primus Pro is a modern and portable clinical audiometer. With innovative features it can help streamline your audiology clinic.

Primus Pro

Primus Ice audiometer


The small and compact Primus Ice audiometer is for pure tone and speech audiometry only. The compact size makes it easy to bring with you.

Primus Ice

Primus HIT Pro


Get more accurate results with the Primus HIT Pro thanks to a spacious chamber and excellent acoustic properties.

Primus HIT Pro

Easy pratice management

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Private audiology clinics will benefit from our second-generation clinic management system.