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Release the power of data to run the best business 

As the only solution on the market, Auditdata One integrates smart audiometry and clinic management with business analytics and customer insights. The result is an unprecedented solution empowering you to increase sales, generate new leads, improve efficiency and treatment quality and, ultimately, help more people with hearing loss.

The hearing care of tomorrow. Today. 

New technologies in hearing healthcare offer the opportunity to query and correlate unprecedented levels of data. Remote fitting, computer-aided rehabilitation strategies and patient feedback systems for example all provide new levels of data. The best way to embrace this change is to bring yourself in a position where you can leverage your data to your advantage.

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Integrate audiometry and practice management with business intelligence ​

The business intelligence and analytics component of Auditdata One provide real-time reporting. This enables you to make smarter and better data-driven decisions based on insights and best practises.

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Drive sales and increase the efficiency of your operation

Auditdata One helps you create growth through improved lead conversion, better customer retention and refined operational performance with lower churn and fewer returns.


Help audiologists to do what they do best: improve their customers' hearing

In the end, Auditdata One helps you get happier customers. Increase the treatment quality though smarter fitting processes, centralised control and in-depth clinical data analysis.

Connecting the dots

AuditdataOne is all about data and helping hearing care providers connect the dots that matter to their business. Some of these dots are not connected today. In many clinics, for example, audiologists are working in a ‘black box’ because clinical data from measurement equipment used for testing and fitting is not made available for analysis. This means important insights are missing and knowledge about best practices get lost leading to high churn and many returns.
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Strong alone. Powerful together.

Whether you want to increase leads, optimize testing and fitting, or better understand customer touchpoints, we have a solution to help you grow. These solutions are strong alone, but even more powerful working together.

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"Auditdata Engage has been a great new way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time we have performed hundreds of screenings and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikuła - Marketing Manager

Geers Polska is part of Sonova and operates a chain of retail audiology stores in Poland.

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