Reliable traditional audiological testing solutions

If you are looking for reliable traditional audiological testing solutions, then the Entomed range of four audiometers and a Tympanometer that provides in-depth middle ear testing are well worth a look.

A traditional, manual stand-alone audiometer

If you need a conventional stand-alone audiometer, then the Entomed range has a device that will fit your needs. With two great screening audiometers and two fully functional diagnostic audiometers, the Entomed range covers all audiometric needs with user-friendly, robust and reliable devices

Entome SA 201 IV

Screening audiometer

The Entomed range offers two lightweight screening audiometers that will meet every demand. Looking for a lightweight screening solution that’s easy to carry around? Then look no further.

Diagnostic audiometers

The Entomed range also offers two lightweight diagnostic audiometers that fit every demand. If you are looking for a lightweight diagnostic solution that’s easy to carry around but offers in-depth testing protocols, then look no further.

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