Auditdata unveils unprecedented software solution for retail audiology

Auditdata launches AuditdataOne – an unprecedented all-in-one software platform that redefines how retail audiology can leverage data to improve operational performance and deliver better treatment outcomes.

Nuremberg, Germany – October 16, 2019:

Today, Auditdata unveiled AuditdataOne marking a major milestone in the continuous improvement of the company’s core software offering that is now used by more than 2,500 retail audiology and 650 hospital-based hearing clinics around the world.

Auditdata-ONE EUHA Head

AuditdataOne is a software platform that lets retail customers release the power of their data. As the only solution on the market, Auditdata One integrates data captured from audiometric testing and fitting processes with the practice management software that clinics use to run their business including areas such as lead generation and customer retention activities.

Making data available through closer integration allows for advanced business intelligence and correlated analytics, another key element of what makes AuditdataOne unique. The result is an unprecedented solution, empowering customers to increase sales, generate new leads, improve efficiency and treatment quality and, ultimately, help people with hearing loss.

New technologies in hearing healthcare offer the opportunity to query and correlate unprecedented levels of data. Remote fitting, computer-aided rehabilitation strategies and patient feedback systems for example all provide new levels of data. The best way to embrace this change is to bring yourself in a position where you can leverage your data to your advantage,” says Kurt Bager, Chief Executive Officer in Auditdata.

AuditdataOne is all about data and helping hearing care providers connect the dots that matter to their business. Some of these dots are not connected today. In many clinics, for example, audiologists are working in a ‘black box’ because clinical data from measurement equipment used for testing and fitting is not made available for analysis. This means important insights are missing and knowledge about best practices get lost leading to high churn and many returns.

Knowing exactly how your business is performing or to what extent clinical guidelines are being followed can be a challenge with disconnected or difficult-to-interpret data points. With AuditdataOne, we are empowering organizations to paint a clear and objective picture of this using a credible tool,” continues Kurt Bager.

About AuditdataOne

Auditdata One lets you release the power of your data to run the best business. As the only solution on the market, Auditdata One integrates smart audiometry and practice management with business analytics and customer insights and the professional services and support you need to make it all work. The result is an unprecedented solution empowering you to increase sales, generate new leads, improve efficiency and treatment quality and, ultimately, help you help people with hearing loss.

About Auditdata

Auditdata transforms the way private retail audiology and hospital-based hearing care clinics manage and deliver their services to people with hearing loss. 2,500 retail clinics and 650 hospital based hearing care clinics use our software products on a daily basis. Auditdata employs more than 100 employees and serves markets around the world with offices in Denmark (HQ), UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Ukraine.

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