Best practice hearing care, a real driver of client satisfaction

Auditdata has been supporting the audiology profession for over 25 years. During this time our thinking and product innovations have been driven by the evolution of thought within the profession. That and our mission to make the complicated easy and simple.

One of the primary drivers of innovation within our Primus offering has been the evolution of thought around Best Practice Hearing Care.

Best practice hearing care, a real driver of patient satisfaction

Better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction drive commercial success

It has been accepted in the wider audiology profession at least since MarkeTrak VIII that best practice hearing care has a definitive effect on patient satisfaction, better outcomes and commercial success.

The comprehensive study pertaining to hearing aids in the states undertaken by Sergei Kochkin and his team revealed that when best practice protocols were used, 93% of patients were happy with the benefit they get from their aids.

“Making 93% of patients happy”

It was also reported that 96% of patients who were treated with best practice protocols would recommend their provider to others. These figures need to be seen as exceptionally important for hearing healthcare professionals in the private sector.

“Ensuring 96% of patients would refer to you”

Startling variances in outcomes between minimum and comprehensive protocols

The variances between fitting with minimum and comprehensive processes are startling. In the study the definition of comprehensive protocols was as follows:

  1. Hearing tested in the sound booth
  2. Probe microphone verification is undertaken
  3. Subjective benefit measures (COSI, APHAB etc)
  4. Objective benefit measurements (speech testing before and after fitting)
  5. Use of Patient satisfaction questionnaires
  6. Loudness tolerance measurement
  7. Use of auditory training programme such as LACE
  8. Aural rehabilitation training (group or individual
  9. Comprehensive self-help booklet

The results of the study were as follows:

The figures are the best argument yet for the use of best practice processes in your Practice.

Introduction of best practice processes to your Practice will dramatically affect your bottom line. Ensuring that you succeed and thrive in a very tough marketplace. We know that we can help you to do so.

Designing for success

These concepts have played a significant part in our product design roadmap. We see our place as a support to our customer’s continued success. Best practice protocols are very obviously the route to continued success for a private profession in particular while it is under increasing threat.

“Integrated and simple to use tools are
imperative to commercial success”

This understanding shapes much of what we do, this concept has shaped our roadmap for all of our products, but in particular for our Primus testing systems. We believe that it is critical that we offer a simple to use integrated tool for you to easily undertake best practice protocols.

Designing for ease of use

Best practice protocols take time and we understand that time is money in any commercial practice. Our job is to ensure that it is easy for you to provide that workflow with ease in as speedy a manner possible.

We believe that in order for you to do that, we should offer a system with a user interface which offers ease of use, more than that, the interface should facilitate the ease of your workflow, not get in the way of it.

Reducing the pain

We believe that our job is to reduce the pain of both adoption and use. Our company mantra has always been to make the complicated easy and this concept shapes what we do. We are proud of the fact that most users of our Primus systems need little or no training to simply get on with using the devices.

“Low Cost of Adoption, lowered Cost of On Boarding”

That means low cost of adoption and lowered cost of ongoing training needs. Our complete Noah compliance and integration also ensures that you have no headaches as your Noah system is updated. With free Primus updates – typically two every year, you always have the best system and access to the new features we build in.

Modular, take what you want, leave what you don’t

The system offers an in-depth and integrated audiological testing tool, however, we understand that no one size fits all, so we have ensured that you can pick and choose to suit your own business needs.

Helping you make the best decisions

But how will you know that best practice protocol is actually changing your bottom line for the better? We think that understanding what is, in fact, happening in the clinic room and how it affects your bottom line is critical to facilitate good commercial decisions.

With our brand-new data visualization tool, Primus Business Analytics, we have delivered the ability to document the protocols across your business. The tool allows you complete visualization of the test procedures undertaken and even how long they took.

It will give you a complete understanding of what is happening with each patient and when combined with data pulled from your patient management system it will allow you to implicitly understand the impact that your protocols are having on your bottom line.

“The Data that matters, how does Best Practice affect
Conversion and Cancellation rates”

It will allow you to understand if best protocols really do affect your conversion and pre-fit cancellation rate. It will allow you to understand if verification of fit actually affects your post fit cancellation rate. More than that, it will allow you to see how differing processes across your business actually affect sales.

Simple clinical auditing

If you have a clinical auditing need, the system completely simplifies the clinical auditing process. It allows you to keep track of the tests performed and even how long they took. It is a complete documentation of compliance that can also help you to identify training needs.

Calibration headaches?

The system will also allow you to keep complete records of your physical assets and most importantly the calibration dates of your transducers. Of course, with Primus audiometers, there is no calibration downtime because the calibration is in the transducer plug, it is as simple as changing out the transducer. Absolutely no downtime, no spare audiometer and no hassle.

We offer the best tools to deliver best practice protocols, now we are offering in-depth data that will allow you complete visualization of what is going on in your business and how it is affecting your bottom line.

If you are interested, why don’t you drop by Booth 1307 at AAA in Columbus to discuss how we think our solutions can help your business needs.

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