Best Practices, Better Outcomes, Happier Patients

We have known for some time that best practice protocols in hearing healthcare lead to better outcomes for users. It is also important to point out that better results for users lead to better outcomes for hearing healthcare businesses.

Happy hearing aid users – successful Hearing Healthcare Business


MarketTrak VIII Evidence

One of the most important learnings from MarkeTrak VIII for professionals was that best practice hearing care has a dramatic effect on patient satisfaction and better hearing aid outcomes. 1

The comprehensive study undertaken by Sergei Kochkin and his team revealed that when professionals use best practice protocols, 93% of patients were happy with the benefit they get from their aids.

Variances Between Minimum and Comprehensive Processes

The differences in outcomes between fitting with minimum and comprehensive processes are stark. While the definition of comprehensive protocols was, well, comprehensive, one element that stood out was probe microphone verification of fit.

The Evidence for Real Ear Measurement (REM)

There is clear and compelling evidence supporting REM regarding the quality of fit and hearing aid benefit.1-4 However, it appears that the evidence has not ensured the adoption of REMs as a standard practice across the hearing profession.

While there are many reasons given for this state of affairs, one of the predominant reasons is time spent. The REM process involves multiple steps, and conventional REM may require 10 to 15 minutes. The people who undertake REM as standard feel that it is 10 to 15 minutes well spent and the evidence would support them in that.

Nevertheless, the time added to undertake conventional REM is time that is missed from another appointment. Now though, there is a better way.

Making Verification Faster and Easier

The introduction of the IMC 2 protocol, which is a standard cross-manufacturer protocol developed through HIMSA, will dramatically reduce the time and effort needed for verification of hearing aid fitting. Eventually, all hearing aid fitting software will be able to communicate with any IMC 2-compliant REM module.

The IMC2 protocol allows fitting and measurement modules within Noah to speak to each other directly. IMC2 can be used to enable a guided and automated fitting and verification process, providing hearing care professionals with a simplified and more efficient workflow.

IMC 2 has allowed hearing aid manufacturers to integrate REM into their fitting software; there is no need to run REM software in parallel which reduces both time and complexity. The fitting software handles the entire process which also means that the professional will now be able to verify proprietary fitting rationales as well as the standard fitting rationales.

Making it Easier for You

The Primus team has ensured that our system is IMC 2 certified which means that you can now use our REM system in an integrated manner. It will save you time on target-based verification within your fitting process. The result is a better hearing instrument fit, a happier customer and time saved with an easy verification.

At Auditdata, we believe that our job is to make the complicated easy. We believe our mission is to design features and processes that allow you to concentrate on what you do best, wowing customers, and we think that IMC2 capabilities will do just that.

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