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Taastrup, May 03, 2018

Reducing No-Show with Strato

Adoption of SMS as a communication channel in clinical situations has become accepted across healthcare. More and more medical professions are using SMS in particular for reminders for appointments.

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US, March 09, 2018

Over the counter hearing instruments

Anytime traditional markets are challenged by new technology, there is typically an immediate dismissive and negative reaction by those directly affected, and so it was from audiologists to the passage of the OTC Act of 2017.

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Taastrup, February 17, 2018

Telemedicine – reshaping the delivery of hearing care

2016 Archive Research Paper: Patricia Ramos, Au. D and Joy Glen, M.A. uncovers the basics of telemedicine within the hearing care industry in this short research paper, first published at the Otolaryngology Administrator Conference in Chicago.

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