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If you are looking for state-of-the-art clinic management systems and diagnostic instruments proven to work successfully for both hospitals and private clinics in small and large scale, you have found the right place to look.

We ensure you complete solutions tailored to your business needs. Our dedication is to deliver innovative clinic management systems and hearing measurement equipment that will continuously evolve as does your business.

For us to be successful in our quest, we keep an eye on market trends and pay close attention to your business needs. Your journey with us will be of equal importance to us before, during and after our delivery to you.

Our mission is to make the complicated easy. Always.

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Auditdata A/S appoints new leadership

Auditdata today announces that founder and CEO of Auditdata will step down and incoming CEO Kurt Bager will take over at the end of January 2019.
In addition, Auditdata names Christoffer Spangenberg as new Chief Sales officer for the software activities.

Auditdata founder Claus Bak Petersen

Auditdata in brief

Auditdata was founded in 1992 as a software house focusing on Audiology. To this day software is still the DNA in the company. Our initial – to streamline the workflow at audiology clinics – is still very much our guiding light. We launched our AuditBase clinic management system for hospital-based audiology clinics in 1993. In 1999 we followed suit with Mirage, a similar system for private clinics in Germany.

With new digital technologies, the acquisition of Real Ear in 2010 and our Audiology focus, Auditdata set out to do a significant different Measurement Solution. This took us into more hardware-oriented solutions, though still with software as the core differentiator.

Some years later we re-invented our Private Clinic Solution and launched our future oriented platform Strato – a cloud-based clinic management system for private hearing care clinics.

2015, we acquired the US-based company Otovation and all the assets in the Swedish audiometer manufacturer Entomed.

2016 we got a financial injection and a new Shareholder, Gro Capital who have boosted our global presence and dedication to creating Audiology solutions for the future, with emphasis on digitalization and outlook for the future in e-Hearing, and a lot more happening in the cyberspace, and ability to operate remote and around the clock.

2017 Simply Hearing Software Inc. was acquired to secure global presence and knowledge for Enterprise oriented solutions within hearing Retail.

Our goal is to become your preferred partner in audiology solutions.

Certificates and documentation

We hold a range of certificates to support our guarantee of data security and compliance. Our security policies, adherence to rules and regulations, and legal information is described in our virtual Trust Center.

Auditdata in short

Our business extends to the whole world – from Greenland to New Zealand. To support our endeavors, we have an extensive partner and distributor network. Learn more about becoming an Auditdata partner.

We currently have offices in Denmark, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. Get in touch with us here.

Areas of business
We ecel in providing solutions for hearing care professionals globally. Software is the core of all we are doing. Our current range covers:

auditdata-board-members 2018

Board of Directors

Auditdata has an active Board of Directors consisting of the following:

Chairman: Peter Lerbrandt (2nd from left).
Members of the board:
Lars Damsgaard Andersen (left),
Claus Bak Petersen (2nd from right),
Morten Weicher (right),
Mads Bjerre Andersen (Not on photo)

The board members are all Danish capacities with elaborate experiences from various business. Mads with 25 years in Hearing Aid Industry, both in HIMSA, Retail and at Manufacturers.

Company history

Auditdata has an been on an exciting journey since 1992.

Want to join the team?

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