Cardiff and Vale Hospital

With three different sites and outdated equipment, the Audiology department looked for an Auditbase compatible fitting system to improve clinic workflows.

Gemma from Cardigg and Vale Hospital

Auditbase and Primus work very well together and the Primus system is very fast, very efficient, and very userfriendly as well

Gemma Saxelby
Senior Audiologist



Cardiff Audiology Team consists of a large team spread out on three different sites. In all, there was a need to streamline clinic workflows and update the measurement equipment to a unified, modern system.


To get updated, timesaving, and easy-to-use measurement equipment that is working seamlessly with the existing Auditbase system. To cut down costs on upgrades and support.


All relevant staff had hands-on time with the Primus System during the two-week testing period. “Everybody was really impressed with how easy it was to use”, Jackie Harding explains. Furthermore, “everything worked well with Auditbase, which was essential to us,” Jackie continues.

After the test period, ten systems were installed and all three clinics were up and running within a day.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Key challenges:
Old products
High maintenance solutions
Faulty synchronisation with Auditbase

Time and cost saving solution
Integrated with Auditbase
No calibration downtime


The overall experience has been extremely positive, but what really excites the staff is the ease of use and the timesaving modules.

“We love the fact that we are able to do REMs in the right and the left ear on the same time, which gives us a timesaving in the clinic,” Jackie Harding explains. She continues: “We also really like the fact that if there were problems with headphones, we could just get a new one sent to us and have it replaced and we were up and running without downtime for the equipment.”

“Primus was very competitively priced, and we knew that we would not get additional charges for software upgrades, as they are all a part of the package”. Jackie Harding

Solutions enabling the success

We have extensive experience in tailoring our solutions – software or hardware – to suit our customers’ needs. In the case of Cardiff and Vale University Hospital, the Audiology Team already had Auditbase running smoothly. One of the pivotal goals was an Auditbase compatible system. A thorough research on the options led to a test of the Auditdata Primus Fitting System. The experience was that our pc-based fitting system eased the workflow remarkably.

Primus fitting system will, however, work smoothly with any other clinic management system than Auditbase.

In general I think the whole system has been very beneficial – just timesaving and probably cost saving as well, as we haven’t had to spend quite as long during an appointment getting the equipment to work.

Gemma Saxelby

Steven from Cardiff and Vale

I would recommend Primus mainly because it’s a much easier system to use than our old one, and it’s more compatible with Auditbase, things like bilateral REMs and other bits and pieces in Primus has enabled us speed up all our processes.

Steve Jacques
Senior Audiologist



Cardiff Audiology Team
– Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


Jackie Harding, Principal Clinical Scientist & Deputy Head of Service

Gemma Saxelby, Senior Audiologist

Steve Jacques, Senior Audiologist

Cardiff and Vale

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