Why the sale is just the beginning

Recently we at Auditdata have been discussing the customer journey in private hearing care with some of our customers.
We wanted to define it precisely so that we can understand what we need to do with the feature set and automation strategies in Strato.

Defining and understanding your customer journey.

Article defining understanding your customer journey

The accepted sales journey or customer journey appears to be as follows:

  • Lead
  • Prospect
  • Sale
  • After Sale/ Rehab & Aftercare

Your lead is not a prospect

Many consider a lead and a prospect as similar or the same. However, a lead should be viewed as just that, while there may be a chance that a lead may become a prospect once you qualify the person, it may not. When separated in this way, it allows you to consider them differently and plan marketing communications differently.

Don’t forget, when someone becomes a qualified prospect, he or she may not turn into a sale immediately. You may have to work a prospect for some time before they move to purchase. That means that you need a communication strategy that works to help you do that. It can be as simple as a one-year re-test letter, or it can be as involved as you wish.

The sale and after sale

Communication during the sale and after sale process is about validating their purchase and beginning to move them through their rehabilitation process to the aftercare process. There are definite steps that can be undertaken to ensure that this period goes as smoothly as possible.

Identifying these steps and ensuring you undertake them as efficiently as possible is imperative to ensure a sale, remains a sale. It appears that many people consider the aftercare part of the aftersales process to be a straightforward affair until four to five years later when they begin to think about a re-sale.

However, is a customer always a prospect?

While we have been discussing the journey and its different parts, it became apparent to us that with the changes within the competitive landscape in commercial hearing care, it is probably a better idea to consider that your customer is always a prospect.

This simple change in mindset will affect your thinking around a communication strategy. It may also change what you do within the aftercare part of the process. Once a sale is undertaken, it can be easy to be complacent about your customer. In the future, we can reasonably expect the average hearing aid buyer to make up to three separate purchases.

Buyers are getting younger and living longer, that means that the possible relationship with them is much longer than it was once expected to be. With a changing and more competitive marketplace and the introduction of new technological solutions, managing your relationship with your customers has become more critical than ever. At Auditdata we will continue to explore how we can ensure that our intelligent solutions continue to allow you to excel in your business.

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