Solutions for ENT doctors & associated hearing care professionals

Would you like a fast way for Cochlear Implant and Otology surgeons in the hospital to communicate with are you an ENT doctor or other hearing care professional who needs to gain access to patient data from an audiology clinic? Your job is difficult enough, without trying to get information from different systems. Auditbase caters for your needs with the Auditbase Viewer.


The Auditbase Viewer will help you connect audiology and ENT.

Connecting audiology and associated professionals

As an ENT doctor, teacher of the hearing impaired or a Hearing Therapist, it can be beneficial to gain access to some of Auditbase’s functions, see the client data from Auditbase and communicate with the audiology clinic electronically. We have made that possible in the Auditbase Viewer.

Get the complete picture with the Auditbase Viewer

ENT and audiology are closely linked. However, they are still two very different areas. Patients are often sent from one department to another, which means there is a need for the client data to be transferred.

If the audiology clinic runs Auditbase, the ENT department can access their data with Auditbase Viewer. Auditbase Viewer allows you to view and print client data from Auditbase, giving you a complete overview of the patient’s treatment journey.

Assign tasks to audiology

You can ease the communication flow even more by sending electronic tasks to the audiology department. It could be a request to examine something for a specific client or notifying the audiology department that a patient requiring an urgent assessment is on her way.

Want to know more?

If you are still not certain about how a clinic management system like AuditBase can help you streamline your clinic – whether it entails one or multiple clinics – you can find out more about AuditBase here. If you are more interested in the technical specifications, please check out our AuditBase product pages.

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