Primus Business Analytics

Would you like a deeper understanding of your KPIs with a range of added benefits?

If so, Primus Business Analytics is the solution you need.

Primus Business Analytics offers enormous benefits to any audiology business from a small chain to a multi-national global business.

  • Do you want a real understanding of how your processes are affecting your bottom line?
  • Have you ever wondered how you could streamline work processes in your hearing care business for improved quality and competitiveness?
  • Are you required to document compliance with defined protocols and quality standards?
  • Do you need a simple and automated system to keep track of calibration dates and equipment location across your hearing care practices?

If you answer yes to just one of these questions Primus Business Analytics is the solution you need.

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Delivering the insight you need for continuous business improvement

Hard data is the foundation of all good commercial business decisions. At Auditdata, we understand this implicitly, and the concept has been shaping our innovation for many years. The recent introduction of Primus Business Analytics is a step forward in ensuring that you have a complete data visualisation of your business and work processes.

For the first time, you will have a complete overview of your processes and how they affect your commercial success. A comprehensive overview that will allow you to make valid commercial business decisions based on hard facts.

Combining your patient management system data (such as from our own Strato, or Sycle) with business analytics provides a wealth of information to support both the best possible customer journey and the optimisation of your conversion rates. It offers hard data on best practice protocols and the real effect they have on your KPIs.

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Primus Business Analytics provides a detailed insight into your audiology and fitting processes

With Primus Business Analytics, valuable process data is collected automatically from the daily operations in your hearing care clinics. That process data provides added insight and a deeper layer of understanding.

In addition to the detailed process information, Primus Business Analytics keeps track of transducer calibration due dates, as well as presenting the status and whereabouts of your Primus equipment and transducers.

A competitive edge from improved process insight

The detailed process data collected from your Primus systems enables the monitoring and documentation of compliance with company work protocols and any relevant legislation. The data will improve efficiency, provide valuable input for the identification of best practices, help you to define training activities and streamlining of the work processes across your business, giving you a competitive edge.

Presenting data for your benefit

Replace time-consuming spreadsheets with automated asset management.

In addition to the detailed process information, Primus Business Analytics asset management reports contain extensive information on status and location of the deployed Primus equipment. The reports also cover Primus transducers and a key asset management report contains transducer calibration d ates to enable smooth transducer exchange and minimising system downtime.

Primus Business Analytics includes reporting of the collected process and asset data. For more extensive reporting and postprocessing, data can be easily exported to other systems.

Primus Business Analytics dashboard screen

How do I benefit from the added insight?

Primus Business Analytics and our practice management software for private hearing care clinics – have been designed for seamless integration of data.
The integration of data from the two systems allows investigation and reporting of key performance indicators and success criteria involving all the available data types including workflow information, sales data and demographic data.

Simple and easy connection

Simple connection to Primus Business Analytics

All you have to do is enter your license code to connect your Primus systems to Primus Business Analytics. Immediately after entering the license, you will have access to the collected workflow data from all of the connected Primus systems in your hearing care clinics.

Constantly updated data

Primus Business Analytics is automatically updated whenever your Primus systems are operated. Authorized personnel can access your reports anytime and everywhere for real-time updates.

Data security and protection

Keeping your data protected

Our top priority is keeping your clients’ sensitive personal data protected from falling into the wrong hands. With today’s regulations, it can be a costly affair, if your clients’ data is leaked. In Primus Business Analytics, we have made it easy for you to comply with data protection laws and regulations.

We take care of it for you

Because you work with sensitive personal information for your clients, you are subject to many different laws and regulations when it comes to data protection. Some might not even know the full extent of how to properly protect clients’ data. But if you choose to use Business Analytics, you do not have to worry. We have taken care of all security issues by ensuring a safe, secure, and backed-up storage of your data.

Windows Azure Platform

We have carefully selected the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform for Business Analytics. The Microsoft Windows Azure data centers are managed and operated by Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS). These geographically dispersed data centers comply with key industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, for security and reliability. To learn more about the compliance capabilities of Microsoft Windows Azure, please visit the Windows Azure Trust Center.

Important international security certificate

For more assurance, Auditdata is also ISO 27001 certified. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate validates that Auditdata has implemented the internationally recognised information security controls defined in this standard, including guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management within an organisation.

Throughout the company, in our development, operations and customer support, we follow an Information Security Management System, which is continuously improved and audited as part of our ISO 27001 certificate.

Shared responsibility

Although we try to take care of everything, there are some things we cannot do for you. Auditdata is responsible for the Primus Business Analytics service and the systems enabling and powering the service. We seek to provide a cloud service that can meet your security, privacy, and compliance needs.

You, however, are responsible for your own environment, including the data content, access credentials, and compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to your particular industry and locale. If you choose to use Primus Business Analytics, you are actively making data protection a priority with a minimum of effort on your side.

You can learn a lot more about how dedicated we are to keeping our customers’ data protected under Security.

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