Primus HIT Pro

Need a portable hearing instrument test box with outstanding acoustic properties?

Would you like to improve your hearing instrument testing? The Primus HIT Pro is the ideal solution for your needs. It offers a spacious chamber, automated or manual testing and excellent acoustic properties.

Clever design improves the hearing instrument testing workflow

The Primus Hearing Instrument Test (HIT) Unit makes it very easy to test and troubleshoot hearing instruments.  The test chamber is spacious and has excellent acoustic properties. The noise reduction of external sources is outstanding which, in combination with the linearity of the acoustics, will give you more accurate test results.

The combination of a large work area with the smart hearing instrument clip makes it easy for you to place any hearing instrument. We have even designed a RIC adaptor for convenient and effortless connection of open-fit hearing instruments.

Primus HIT Pro
Primus HIT Pro socket

Quick FM verification & RECD measurements

The clever placements of the sockets and extended cables help with fast FM verifications, and RECD measurements can be performed easily with the built-in protocols.

The simplicity and intuitive design supports an efficient workflow and the discrete labelling and colour coding of sockets guides to correct usage.

Easy positioning of hearing instruments

There is no need to fumble with different holders and clips; the simple, smart-clip will easily hold any hearing device model in the correct position. You can remove the smart-clip if needed, and you can perform tests on both the right and left side.

The test box offers discrete and spacious built-in compartments to help you store your accessories, such as battery packs, spare parts, hearing instruments etc, right where you need them.

Primus HIT Pro drawer
Primus HIT Pro DSC indicators

Left and right LED indicators

Coloured LED indicators will help you operate the Primus HIT Pro unit. When connected to the PC, a green light appears when the Primus HIT Pro is ready for use. For your convenience, a red or a blue light shine, when you run tests on either the right or the left side.

Simple one button operation

The elegant front button allows you to start and stop tests with a simple click once the Primus HIT Pro test chamber is closed.

You can perform automatic full-featured technical measurements that meet European standards, both IEC and ANSI standards are supported.

Primus HIT Pro front bottom

Technical specifications

Tests: OSPL90, Full-On-Gain, AGG Input/Output, Attack/Release time, Reference test gain, Frequency Response, Equivalent Input Noise, Harmonic Distortion, Battery Current, Telecoil/Induction
Output: Loudspeaker or Telecoil
Frequency Range: 125 Hz - 16 kHz
Frequency Resolution: 1/6, 1/12, 1/24th octave based on 2048 pt. FFT
Levels: 40 - 90dB SPL
Monitor: Operator Monitor for in-the-coupler monitoring for REM and Speech Mapping measurements
Hearing Instrument programmer feed-through: NOAH-link™ or HI-PRO can be connected and feed through to an internal connector.
Compatibility: Noah 4 or higher as well as other clinic management systems such as Strato and Auditbase
Dimensions: 344 x 347 x 140 mm
Weight: 5,8 kg

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