Even greater insight into your retail performance with Strato practice management system

Get competitive advantages with Strato

When managing any business, a simple recipe to succeed is to do more of what works – and less of what doesn’t work. One of the steps towards greater success is to identify the areas that need improvement.

The new Strato 2.3 lets you see your appointments and sales performance in dashboards, so you easily can spot your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Improved dashboard for appointment management

Nothing speaks clearer than data. With the newly added dashboard functionality, you get clear insights into every shop’s appointment bookings. Benchmark the findings against your company goals and use the findings to fine-tune your appointment management.

Control your assets by monitoring every action

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Track and display the sales process with Strato Pro

In Strato Pro, you can track not only the sales as they are handed over the counter.

You can also monitor the items as they change status, perhaps being out on trial and then either bought or handed back in.

In a clear dashboard you can see the split by category on all your returns for better management of stock and budgets.

Identify your top campaign activities

Another added functionality for business improvement is the ability to track campaign results for better management of your marketing activities.

Should you decide to run a marketing campaign in various media, you naturally would like to know which of your activities were most effective. In Strato 2.3 you can create marketing campaigns and keep track of how they perform simply by adding client feedback to the campaign.

If you for example run ads in radio, tv, online, or print you can ask new clients how they got to know your business and attribute this to your campaign. As an extra dimension, you can enter the cost of the different campaign activities and as such determine the cost per new client acquisition.

Getting down to business

Strato is a fast-evolving software solution for audiology enterprises with multiple shops. An easy-to-use interface lets each clinic optimise daily activities and the business intelligence provides management with clear data to optimise both clinic activities and sales.

Strato is flexible, scalable and works seamlessly with other IT-systems such as EPR and CRM.

Do you want to optimise your audiology practices?

To learn more about Strato practice management system for audiology clinics and enterprises, contact Morten Sandahl Sørensen, morten@auditdata.com or one of our offices: www.auditdata.com/contact.

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