Audiological Excellence

How to deliver the best audiology services to your clients

Audiological Excellence is about achieving consistency in the way hearing care is delivered throughout your shops. Employing best practice standards and understanding and interpreting the data will increase conversion rate, customer satisfaction, quality, and efficiency. The focus for any establishment is to get the clients fitted with the right hearing aids in an efficient manner. In many countries, reimbursement rules depend on the audiological output of the hearing examination, which can be a challenging process, if not standardized.

Standardising your clinical flows will help you deliver better service, easier onboarding of staff, better quality and improved efficiency

Review your clinical processes to increase quality and efficiency

Clinical processes refers to all the clinical work you do with the clients. Working with clinical flows can increase shop efficiency and provide easy onboarding of new team members. Moreover, they can create a service standard for your shops. All clients will go through the same process and will be provided the best possible fitted hearing aid. Working with clinical workflows means; aligning audiological workflow based on data of best-practice, optimising device selection, or standardising local legislation compliance. 
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Hoorcentrum Aerts implements clinical workflows to deliver high-quality care

As part of a commercial excellence initiative and commitment to provide extraordinary customer experiences – Hoorcentrum Aerts have used Primus to streamline the organization’s processes and protocols. One huge asset is the Primus clinical workflow function, which outlines exactly what audiologists need to do, and in what order. 

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Improve customer experience

Clinical workflows can create an improved customer experience by including an end-to-end view on the customer’s treatment journey. Using IT systems and proper training methods, you are confident that your staff deliver a smooth and standardized customer experience. Standardising your clinical workflows can also ensure that you have the correct diagnostics and fitting so that all clients get the best solution possible. The customer experience should include personalised fitting by using real ear assessments. Your focus on the customer should also span remote care service options for your clients whenever possible.
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"With cross-functional data, I can focus my time on the things that are most important for my business and accomplish my goals."

Jaume Anglada

Medical Product Manager, Amplifon Iberica, S.A.U.

Great audiological delivery and proof of delivery are great tools for attracting ENTs to send clients to your shops

Enhance the speed, accuracy, and output of your hearing treatment

Clinical workflows can be customized and easily managed in Auditdata Measure. This is perfect for audiologists and hearing care professionals who want an efficient, transparent, and quality driven approach to hearing treatment. The workflows guides the HCP to perform day-to-day clinical processes within an agreed upon standard. Unlike today, where the individuals’ habits decide the audiological treatment approach, the clinical workflows make sure that all HCPs follow a consistent and measurable protocol. 

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