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How to run a profitable business

If you want to run a successful hearing clinic, it is important to focus not only on the revenue but also on the costs and efficiency of the clinics. This is what we call operational excellence. Operational excellence enables you to do more with the same staff through better employee engagement, invoice overview, inventory, and streamlined processes. Your competitive advantage stems from delivering a more consistent and reliable service than your competitors, with lower operational risk and costs - and increased revenue relative to your competitors.

Always include your staff’s working routines and your client experience when you work with optimization. Delivering both in a fine-tuned hearing clinic is a balance.

Optimize resource utilization

Resources equate to staff, physical assets, clinics, and equipment. Optimizing the use of these resources and actively focusing on face-to-face time with the client is important and could increase your revenue by up to 60%. Do not forget to configure your practice management software to automate and guide your users so that they can keep a focus on the clients. 

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Implement best practice processes

Running a hearing clinic is a complex, multi-faceted business. It mixes IT, customer care, audiology, marketing, finance, inventory control, scheduling, etc. If operating multiple clinics with a wide range of staff, it can be difficult to be present at all locations. You should, therefore, implement best practice processes to support your teams whenever possible. Best practice processes become guidelines, which will help your staff decide how to act in different situations with the client – both when conducting hearing testing and when being in a dialogue about needs and solutions. 

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Reinforce consistent workflows

When the processes are thoughtfully created and reinforced consistently, they ensure that decisions and actions are focused on executing across all activities as agreed. This will not only be efficient but also ensure that you are in control and that your clinics comply with any local legislation. With the right practice management software, you can support these processes and make sure they are followed.

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