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Auditdata has been working with public audiology clinics since 1992. Our Auditbase Clinic Management system has become the industry standard for clinic management in the public audiology and hearing care setting, and our Primus audiometer and fitting systems are quickly becoming recognised as the gold standard for testing and fitting. Our solutions will help you to manage your patients, optimise your workflows, deliver best practice testing and fitting of hearing aids and reduce your wait times; and all without compromising your clinical care.

Helping you manage your audiology clinic

Helping you manage your audiology clinic

Our focus is on making the management of all of your hearing care related clinics and testing of your patients as easy as possible. We know that every public health system is under pressure to perform. Modern public audiology clinics are time-short and coping with an increased workload and tight funding.

We understand that you need solutions that allow you to manage your workflow and help you to move patients through the system quickly without compromising clinical standards. Our tailor-made hearing care solutions will let you do that.

The Industry Standard

We are the preferred hospital clinic management system and becoming so for testing and fitting equipment. More than 80% of the Public Audiology Clinics in Northern Europe and the UK have adopted Auditbase, and many have adopted our Primus solutions.

Tailored for Audiology

Our collaboration with our customers ensures that our solutions meet their ongoing needs. This dedication to continuing partnership and development has allowed us to build solutions specifically tailored to the needs of a fast-moving Public Audiology Clinic.

Facilitating ENT, CI & Otology

While Auditbase is steeped in Audiology, we know there has to be an easy way for ENT Doctors, Cochlear Implant and Otology surgeons in the hospital to communicate with Audiology. Our dedicated modules deliver that need.


Are you under pressure in your clinic?

Need a Practice Management System that just works?

Auditbase will allow you to manage your workflow and help you to move patients through the system faster without compromising clinical standards. We offer a comprehensive, tailor-made and modular clinic management system which allows you to do that and more.

The modular base of our system means that you can pick the features you need to manage your clinic better. With more than 80% of the public audiology clinics in Northern Europe and the UK using Auditbase, it is the industry standard for clinical management in public audiology.

Tired of calibration downtime?

Looking for a reliable Testing & Fitting Solution that is always on the Cutting Edge?

Reliable and flexible equipment is essential whether you are working at your clinic or if you are on the move. We offer a complete professional fitting solution with no compromises. Our modular system and continuous updates guarantee that it can meet both your existing and future clinical needs.

Our calibration in the plug system ensures that you never have any calibration downtime. You just swap out your transducers once a year. When coupled with our business analytics system, you have all you need to optimise your clinic today and in the future. All in one unit.

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