Measurement Solution

Are you looking for a reliable testing fitting solution with no calibration downtime?

With increasing pressure to move as many patients as possible through Public Audiology clinics, the last thing you need is for your testing or fitting equipment to develop a problem. We offer a complete professional fitting solution with no compromises. Our modular Primus system with continuous updates guarantee that it can meet both your existing and future clinical needs. Our calibration in the plug system ensures that you never have any calibration downtime – you simply swap out your transducers once a year.

When coupled with our analytics system, you have complete visibility of what is going on in your clinic.

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Enhanced workflows lead to reduced waiting lists

Our Primus units allow you to design your workflows, using the testing and fitting procedure that makes sense to you. You can specify different workflows for different visit types so that you can focus only on what you need to do.

Custom workflows designed by you
Custom workflows allow you to deliver your testing and fitting processes with ease and without distraction. The focused navigation panel allows you to move through your consultation quickly without compromising your clinical care.

Only buy what you need

Our systems offer modular features like Audiometry, Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping, Hearing Instrument Testing (HIT), Counselling and Video Otoscopy modules – you only choose what you require.

Integrated Testing & Fitting

Complete Noah compliance allows an integrated fitting and testing process with all the modules you use in one easy to use Primus interface.

Easy Real Ear Measurement (REM)

With built-in IMC2 capabilities to save you time, our Primus system ensures a better fit and most importantly a happier Patient.

Simplified Speech Mapping (SM)

Use our comprehensive library of sounds to quickly define your speech mapping measurements for optimal hearing aid fine tuning, patient counselling and demonstrations.

Primus Analytics, driving best practice

With insights from Business Analytics, you get a full overview of your systems, calibration data, usage and testing processes used by anyone in your organisation.

Easy navigation and consultation flow

Customize the navigation panel to give you the ultimate power over your workflows by visit type across your organisation.

Worry-Free operations

No services required and never experience any downtime. With our simple Plug and play system, Primus is easy to install with no need for a technician with ensures lower operational costs and no downtime.

No calibration downtime

We merely replace your transducers annually before calibration runs out. No fuss, no hassles, no downtime

In the clinic or on the go

Our solutions offer true mobility giving you full diagnostic testing, verification and validation of hearing aids wherever and whenever you need it.

Secure and compliant

Fully secure and compliant with industry standards. Never worry about integrations, updates or compliance – we have you covered! Meeting your needs today and tomorrow. Primus is a pc based audiometer with modular features designed in collaboration with you.

Modular features, outstanding user experience

A new standard in fitting

Primus is a PC based audiometer with innovative modular features which will help you streamline your consultation process and deliver the highest level patient experience. We design our solutions in collaboration with our customers and continually update it to meet their specific needs. Primus is a lifetime measuring and fitting solution, meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

Read more about our fitting solutions or visit our equipment section for a full list of professional audiometers.

Looking for a clinic management system?

Auditdata has the most powerful yet easy clinical management system available for hospitals with audiology clinics. We have been working with hospital audiology since 1992 and our clinic management system is the de facto standard across many countries.

We take pride in supplying the best software to run the most successful hospital hearing aid clinics.

All you need to know. You are in safe hands.
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