Looking for centrally deployed system with no headaches?

Managing organisational digital networks is difficult enough without having to worry about the deployment of unfamiliar software. Primus systems allow you to control your organisation’s audiological equipment without fuss or hassle centrally.


Network Driven or Cloud Based

Primus systems can be managed and handled through your existing internal network or our new cloud-based system. No matter which one you choose, maintaining the assets can be undertaken with ease. You can push out setting changes and software upgrades all from your central dashboard.


Handling Software Upgrades with Ease

Upgrading the Primus system has been made simple, and software upgrades come without any associated hassle. At the local level, it is as simple as clicking a button to go online and download the latest features. If you manage software upgrades centrally, you just apply the update across your network or through your cloud-based dashboard.

Guaranteed Security

The Auditdata ISMS (Information Security Management System) is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which is a broad international information security standard. It means you can stop worrying about IT issues like data security, storage, and data backup. It is all included in our practice management systems, and we are committed to keeping your data secure, which our ISO 27001 certificate proves.

All you need to know. You are in safe hands.
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