Looking for an easy to use fully loaded clinical audiometer & fitting system?

The Primus Pro is a modern innovative Audiometer and fitting system that offers complete ease of use. With a familiar and straightforward interface and a comprehensive but easy key mapping system, there is no learning pain.

Clinic-Based but Portable

Primus Pro is a powerful system that can be used in any clinical setting. However, it’s so light that it can be used on the go if needs be. The audiometer is small and light enough to fit in a laptop bag.

Primus Pro

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use software

We designed Primus software with the user in mind, offering familiar concepts and design making it immediately intuitive and easy-to-use. Customisation of the software is easy ensuring that you can set up the workflows that make sense to you. The system offers:

Audiometry: True 2-channel audiometry and high-frequency testing, the Primus PRO Audiometry module is entirely up to date with the requirements of a modern hearing care clinic.

Speech Testing: The Speech Testing module offers standard speech testing along with Speech in Noise and Quick SIN.

Real Ear Measurement: The classic Real Ear Measurement module includes Unaided, Occluded and Aided Response as well as Insertion Gain.

Speech Mapping: Live Speech Mapping allows you to validate hearing aids while allowing clients and family members to clearly and visually understand the benefits of the hearing instrument.

Simply less hassle in your day to day job and the complete set of tools you need.


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