Audiometers and fitting solutions

Audiometers and fitting solutions

Reliable and flexible equipment is essential no matter if you are working at your clinic or if you are on the move. We provide lightweight, portable, and robust audiometers and fitting systems that will support business standards and your needs.

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Real ear measurement

It is a fact that REM improves audibility. With REM you can increase your patients fitting and hearing experience.

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Make the most of our 

We focus on your needs. This is why we are dedicated to create the best functional and complete solutions that will benefit you and your business. 

Have a look at our solutions and learn more about how Strato clinic management system is designed to optimise the workflows at private hearing care clinics. If you belong to the public health sector, our AuditBase clinic management system will cater to your needs. Both of our clinic management systems are naturally supplemented by our Primus fitting system and our set of diagnostic instruments. 

Easy practice management

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Save precious time and consolidate your clinic management in one single system. Strato is easy to use. It's affordable. And it can be used in private audiology clinics of all sizes.

Solutions for private clinics

Full flexibility in fitting

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Set new standards by using our Primus Fitting System for audiometry, speech mapping, real ear measurements and much more.


Tailor-made clinic management

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AuditBase is tailored audiology clinics located in hospital environments. We integrate your AuditBase solution with any hospital systems.

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You want to know your data is in safe hands and protected. Rest assured, we have the highest standards regarding data protection, security, and compliance. Learn more in our trust centre: 'Security and compliance'.

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