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All-in-one solution

We all know it: well prepared is halfway there. Chose the instruments & services that suit your way of handling patients and eliminate time-consuming errors.

When you improve quality of life

Establishing a hearing loss and starting the path to optimising a patients hearing can be a relief for a patient, who has experienced impaired quality of life due to hearing loss. You are the guiding light on the road to better hearing. The faster and more comfortable you get there, the greater satisfaction for both you and your patient.

We provide hearing care professionals with state-of-the-art fitting, audiometer and clinic management solutions.

From screening to diagnosing

You have an array of options when deciding how to establish a patient's hearing loss. If you are on the go, a small, portable audiometer like the OTOPod might be your preferred choice. However, travelling is no hinder to using an integrated audiometer and fitting system solution like the Primus Fitting System.

Screening, diagnosing and fitting in one neat package

If you prefer not to handle too many devices and you want to rely on one interface to handle all your measurements and data, we recommend the PC-based Primus Fitting System. Fully functioning as both an audiometer and a fitting solution, Primus will assist during both screening, diagnosing and the final fitting of the chosen hearing instruments.

Want to know more?

If you want you know more about what Speech Mapping can do for you, download the Primus Speech Mapping brochure and get wiser. 

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How to get closer to the perfect fit

Even though you like your patients a lot, there is no need to have too many visits once the hearing instrument has been fitted. If you want to reduce the number of return visits, there are several ways of improving the very first fitting of the hearing aid.

  1. Use Speech Mapping 
    When you use speech mapping in your fitting session, you base your target on sounds most familiar to the patient. Read more about Speech Mapping.
  2. Use Real Ear Measurement 
    REM is a widely acknowledged method of improving a patient’s audibility. Read more about Real Ear Measurement.
  3. Try Comfort Optimizer
    A psychoacoustic model helps you create an individual fit, so the hearing instrument user gets a more comfortable, tolerable, and clear perception of speech in particular. Read more about Comfort Optimizer.
  4. Use a Video Otoscope 
    Check the placement of the probe tube in the ear canal up close. Use the images for documentation and counselling. Read more about the Video Otoscope.
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Primus Fitting System

The PC-based Primus Fitting System offers great flexibility and scalability. Take full advantage of the all-in-one solution and enjoy the ease of use


Pocket-size audiometer

For ultimate convenience the small OTOPod diagnostic audiometer will impress you with wireless technology and great features.

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Software for private clinics

Get an all-in-one solution for your hearing care clinic whether you run one or multiple shops. Strato will cover all from measurement data to appointments, stock, invoicing and much more.

Solutions for private clinics
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Hospital clinic administration

Tailored to accommodate all the administrative needs at an audiology clinic at a hospital, AuditBase has become a standard in Northern Europe. Learn more about AuditBase clinic management solutions.

Solutions for hospitals