Choose a basic audiometer or upgrade with an all-in-one audiometry solution.

Audiometry made easy

When you conduct hearing tests or fit hearing aids, you have a wide range of options helping you get the most accurate result. Let us help you find the right solution.

Reliability is essential

Whether you only need to do a quick screening or a more extensive consultation with speech audiometry, pure tone audiometry and fitting, it is essential you can rely on professional equipment.

Portable audiometry equipment

For the utmost flexibility, keep your equipment compact and lightweight. With pc-based or wireless audiometers, you free yourself from carrying too many and too heavy devices. We offer you solutions that are suitable for both clinic use and frequent fieldwork. See all our audiometers.

Noah compatibility

All Auditdata equipment complies with the audiology industry standard Noah. Whether you use our clinic management systems or fitting equipment, Noah is at the very core.

To assist your various needs, all of our equipment is portable and thus ideal for home visits.

Keeping it simple with screening audiometers

When you only need to do a quick screening or maybe conduct air, bone and speech testing on the go, simple, portable audiometers will ease your tasks. We provide solutions from basic stand-alone audiometers and wireless diagnostic audiometers to full scale diagnostic pc-based diagnostic audiometers.

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Full-featured audiometry

Go straight from diagnostic to fitting with the compact and versatile Primus Pro Fitting Unit. Enhance your fitting session with pure tone, speech audiometry or even high frequency testing.

Primus Pro
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Strato clinic management system

Streamline your hearing care practice with a scalable practice management system that embrace both single and multiple clinics.

Solutions for private clinics
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Get more accurate with Comfort Optimizer

If you want to exceed your patients expectations by creating the perfect fitting, comfort optimisation is one way of getting closer to your goal.

Comfort Optimisation
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Stand-alone Entomed audiometers

If you prefer the classic audiometer with standard features, Entomed audiometers will suit your needs. The design is sleek and lightweight making it easy to bring about.

Entomed SA 201