Comfort Optimizer is independent of any hearing aid manufacturer and target rules. It is only dependent on the patient’s hearing loss, sound environment and the hearing aid performance.

Comfort Optimisation

Are you aiming to exceed your patients’ expectations? One of the ways to get there is to create the perfect fit. If you use Comfort Optimizer, you can improve the experience by optimising on the individual differences.

Get better results when fitting hearing aids

For you to get a happy customer, the patient needs to experience not only a pleasant fitting session but also a perceived improvement of hearing. With Comfort Optimizer you have better ways of optimising the hearing of speech in particular.

Clearer perception of speech

Exceed the limitations of hearing aid target rules by using Comfort Optimizer. A psychoacoustic model predicts loudness and sharpness (timbre) impressions for your hearing impaired customers, resulting in a perception of speech sounding comfortable, tolerable and clear.

Establish the individual user's preferences, and fit multiple hearing aid programs quicker.

Independent of any hearing aid manufacturer

Comfort Optimizer is based on extensive research involving more than 3000 combined judgements of loudness, brightness, noise and distortion from over 1000 hearing impaired people. The result is a unique psychoacoustic model independent of any hearing aid manufacturer and their target rules.


Want to know more?

Comfort Optimizer can help you enhance your hearing instrument fitting in numerous ways. 

Independent of any hearing instrument manufacturer and target rules, the Comfort Optimizer is only dependent on the patient's hearing loss, sound environment and hearing aid performance. 

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Why is Comfort Optimizer a success?

The secret to the success of Comfort Optimizer lies in the patient’s satisfaction. When you use Comfort Optimizer in your fitting session, you do not benchmark not on prepared user targets and fine-tuning according to user feedback, but on the actual hearing loss, sound environment and hearing aid performance. 

You are using the perception of the many to determine the perception of one. 

Enhance your hearing aid fitting

The ingenuity of Comfort Optimizer is the many ways it can help you achieve the best possible hearing aid fitting session and result. You can determine the effects of individual hearing aid settings and support hearing aid acclimatisation. Plus the balance between loud sounds and soft sounds can be balanced thus creating a better result for your client. 

Here are some quick wins:

  • counselling assist
  • hearing instrument fine-tuning
  • compare hearing impressions for different devices 
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