Portable equipment gives you full flexibility in your daily work.

Easily portable

If you need to bring the audiometer when you do home visits, you want your equipment to be easy to set up, carry, and pack. Without creating extra work synchronising data when you are back in the office

Get ahead with portable audiometers

You are not limited to one single location with any of Auditdata’s audiometers. Even our largest Primus Pro audiometer & fitting unit weighs less than 500 g not counting the lid. Even though the Primus Pro can be mounted on the wall or table, it is designed to easily slide off, if you need to take it with you.

If you prefer classic stand-alone audiometers, our Entomed audiometers will easily fit in a regular bag, so you can travel anywhere with your audiometers. For ultimate freedom the most lightweight version is the OTOPod, which weighs only 162 g. It cannot get more portable than that.

Chose an audiometer and fitting system that will easily fit in your bag - in case you need to bring it with you.

Seamless synchronisation of data
If you need to perform diagnostic tests or fit hearing instrument outside the clinic, bring the Primus Fitting Unit along. All your historical client data will follow. You only need to bring the power supply and an USB cord. Our other audiometers also support data transfers, however they differ from the fully integrated Primus solution.

Learn more about our audiometers.

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The beauty of the Primus system...

... is that it’s so light. The main benefits with Primus is that it’s very, very compact and lightweight, it’s easy to set up and you’re up and ready to go." Ian McKendrick, Outside Clinic
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Full flexibility in fitting

Primus Fitting System is a flexible and scalable audiometry and fitting solution that can be tailored to suit your needs. Take a look at the many features supported by the Primus Fitting System

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Strato clinic management system

Streamline your hearing care practice with a scalable practice management system that embrace both single and multiple clinics.

Solutions for private clinics
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Seamless Noah integration

All our products and solutions embrace Noah as a standard. Our office management systems for private clinics and hospitals are all based on Noah for a seamless experience when handling both administrative and clinic tasks.

Noah compliant