Hearing instrument testing needs to be fast and up to standard. Primus HIT is just that.

Hearing instrument testing

For testing and troubleshooting hearing instruments, you would want a modern Hearing Instrument Test (HIT) unit that performs in accordance with approved standards.

Excellent acoustic chamber

Accurate acoustics is essential when troubleshooting or testing hearing instruments, so you should chose a HIT unit with proven accuracy and minimum stimuli distortion. The Primus HIT unit is robust yet portable and offers full featured measurements and a large test chamber. 

Easy hearing aid testing and troubleshooting with the PC-based Primus HIT unit

Automated test sequences 

Use automatic sequences, if you want to get ahead or control the test steps as you go along – the Primus HIT unit supports your way of working.

Rely on test standards 

The Primus HIT unit will hold all historical session information, so you can make fittings away from the office if you need to. The system adheres to industry standards IEC and ANSI and is fully Noah compatible.  

Flexibility in operations 

Feel free to use Primus HIT independently or hook up with the Primus Fitting System for optimal results.

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Primus Fitting System

The PC-based Primus Fitting System offers great flexibility and scalability. Take full advantage of the all-in-one solution and enjoy the ease of use


Pocket-size audiometer

For ultimate convenience the small OTOPod diagnostic audiometer will impress you with wireless technology and great features.

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Software for private clinics

Get an all-in-one solution for your hearing care clinic whether you run one or multiple shops. Strato will cover all from measurement data to appointments, stock, invoicing and much more.

Solutions for private clinics
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Hospital clinic administration

Tailored to accommodate all the administrative needs at an audiology clinic at a hospital, AuditBase has become a standard in Northern Europe. Learn more about AuditBase clinic management solutions.

Solutions for hospitals