Compatibility and integration with Noah is essential when you consider new equipment.

Noah compliant

You can rest assured that your Auditdata equipment is fully compatible with business standards. As Noah is considered de facto standard within the hearing instrument industry, all our products embrace Noah software.

Seamless Noah integration

For the most seamless experience when working with measurement data, we recommend our Primus solution. The Primus software operates within the Noah framework, as well as stand-alone. 

Noah is a necessary foundation to fully benefit from any of Auditdata's solutions. If you do not have Noah, we can help you get a Noah license.

Why is Noah important? 

Today, Noah is used by a majority of audiologists and dispensers around the world. For any audiologist or dispenser considering new equipment for their clinic, Noah-compatibility is an important feature because it allows integration of data as well as storage of complete client records, hearing tests, measurements and fittings. 

Noah compliance is of equal importance when considering a new clinic management system.

What is Noah?

Noah is a software product that allows hearing health care professionals to combine measurement and fitting modules from many different suppliers into one integrated system. 

Buy Noah

As Noah is a corner stone in the foundation of all our products, we strongly recommend you to have and use a valid Noah license. If you need a new license, let us know, and we can help you. 

Click here to learn more about Noah or contact us for more information.

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Primus Fitting System

The PC-based Primus Fitting System offers great flexibility and scalability. Take full advantage of the all-in-one solution and enjoy the ease of use


Pocket-size audiometer

For ultimate convenience the small OTOPod diagnostic audiometer will impress you with wireless technology and great features.

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Software for private clinics

Get an all-in-one solution for your hearing care clinic whether you run one or multiple shops. Strato will cover all from measurement data to appointments, stock, invoicing and much more.

Solutions for private clinics
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Hospital clinic administration

Tailored to accommodate all the administrative needs at an audiology clinic at a hospital, AuditBase has become a standard in Northern Europe. Learn more about AuditBase clinic management solutions.

Solutions for hospitals