With REM you improve the hearing instrument fitting in both comfort and efficiency.

Real Ear Measurement

If you are interested in optimising your patient’s satisfaction and avoiding too many follow up appointments, we recommend you to carry out Real Ear Measurement (REM) in the fitting process.

REM improves audibility

Real Ear Measurements affect your patient's experience positively due to improved audibility and increased satisfaction with the overall fitting experience. With the Primus REM module, you can carry out binaural REMs which will save both you and your clients time. 

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Classical REM in optimised views

The Primus interface makes it easy for you to work seamlessly with various audiology tasks. To optimise your workflow, the software supports all the tasks needed when performing real ear measurements.

For example, you can easily toggle between the sound pressure level (SPL) and Gain when you perform the classic measurements: Unaided, Occluded, Aided Response and Insertion Gain.

Primus Fitting Unit supports the newest NAL and DSL targets and sports a large sound library as well as high frequency testing.

Portable audiometer

If you need to perform diagnostic tests or fit hearing instrument outside the clinic, bring the Primus Fitting Unit along. All your historical client data will follow. You only need to bring the power supply and an USB cord.

Cardiff and Vale Hospital

I would recommend Primus...

...mainly because it’s a much easier system to use than our old one and it’s more compatible with AuditBase. Things like bilateral REMs (...) has enabled us to speed up all our processes." Steve Jacques, Cardiff & Vale University Hospital
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Primus video

You can get a quick overview over the Primus fitting solution in this video: presentation of the Primus fitting solution

Improve your fitting with a video otoscope

Use the Primus Video Otoscope to improve and perfect your fitting by capturing crisp images. We recommend using a foot switch for your own convenience. 

Primus Video Otoscope

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Our products and solutions are tailored to meet the needs of audiologists and clinic managers in both hospitals and private hearing care clinics. 


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