When you use Speech Mapping, you get a better hearing instrument fitting, which benefits both you and your patient.

Speech Mapping

Get your clients to understand the benefits of their hearing instrument better by using Speech Mapping in your fitting process. You achieve a higher client satisfaction and save time by reducing follow-up visits.

Enhance your fitting with Primus Speech Mapping

If you use Primus Fitting System and REM, adding on Speech Mapping could be the extra feature that will save you returns and re-fittings. 

Enhance your patients fitting experience using one of the most familiar sounds: speech.

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Live Speech mapping in Primus is presented in intuitively easily understood graphics, empowering your clients with a clear visual sense of the hearing loss and the aided benefits as they relate to actual speech.

Speech Mapping will also enable you to better fit the hearing aid to the client's personal preferences, thus increasing the quality of life of the hearing impaired client.

3 quick wins when using Speech Mapping

Improve your fittings and customer satisfaction Increase the efficiency of your fitting session in three simple ways:

1. Use Speech Mapping as a fitting tool
You do not need to spend a lot of extra time getting the best fit of the hearing instrument. When using Speech Mapping during a fitting session, you simply match the hearing aid to a prescriptive target. Increase accuracy by placing speech within the patient’s residual dynamic range and evaluate the audibility of adaptive algorithms.

2. Use Speech Mapping as a counselling tool 
When you illustrate the dynamics of the hearing loss and the benefits of both the hearing aid and the adjustments to patients and relatives, they will find it easier to engage in your counselling and value your demonstrated expertise.

3. Use Speech Mapping as a verification tool
You are more likely to avoid re-fitting sessions if you use live sounds such as speech to verify the hearing instrument fit. The extra effort saves both you and your patients precious time.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about what Speech Mapping can do for you, download the Primus Speech Mapping brochure and get wiser. 

Primus Speech Mapping brochure

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Primus Speech Mapping flyer

What is Speech Mapping?

Speech mapping is a way of measuring the hearing instrument performance in the ear using real speech. Normally a fitting session is based on formulas and predictions, but with Speech mapping the clinicians can precisely place speech into the individual client’s preferred listening area – typically midway between threshold and UCL.

The use of familiar sounds in combination with probe microphones has proven extremely efficient in getting the most accurate individual fit and verification.

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