Enhancing Your Customer Experience with Validation & Verification

In our article Best Practice Hearing Care, a Real Driver of Client Satisfaction, we spoke about driving customer experience.

We want to explore that concept in a more in-depth way in a series of articles, and to discuss how we think that we can help you shape that customer experience and what elements can help you to deliver it.

Get customers a clear visual sense of their hearing loss and the benefits that hearing aids

It has become a standard belief that providing an excellent customer experience aligned with high satisfaction will ensure that your business will thrive. That means that you need to carefully consider each element of the customer journey for both impact and outcome.

It is clear that best practice processes deliver the high customer satisfaction rate we need. In this article, we want to speak about one particular process that we believe can provide real customer satisfaction and engender trust in you and your expertise. 

Verification and Validation of Fit

In our original article, it seemed apparent that verifying the fit of a hearing aid is a best practice protocol that can matter to your bottom line. In fact, it was one of the core processes that led to high satisfaction rates and the willingness to refer other people to you as a provider.
We would go further and say that verification and validation could be the difference between a smooth fitting and customer satisfaction or an unhappy customer and a return. That is why we designed a Speech Mapping module to enhance our REM feature in Primus. We believe that our system can deliver high customer satisfaction, more than that, we think that our system can help increase your conversion rates as well.

Real Ear Measurement

Real Ear Measurement is based on the formulas and predictions of commonly accepted prescriptions. While it allows us to match targets in the ear, it is not readily understandable for the customer, nor does it give them or us a good understanding of how speech is presented within their residual hearing. Traditional REM practices are too intangible.

However, we know that verification leads to better fits, higher acceptance higher retention and as the studies show, higher satisfaction. Primus Speech Mapping is an ideal tool to validate your fitting, more than that; it is a perfect tool to allow your customer to understand real-world benefits of hearing aids.
We think it can be a core part of your consultation process, not just your fitting and aftercare process. We believe that it will help you to achieve better conversion rates, higher client satisfaction and save time by reducing follow-up visits.

Primus Speech Mapping

Live Speech mapping with Primus is a potent tool. You can clearly and visually show how advanced features such as noise reduction and directionality work to help your customer hear better.
Primus Live Speech Mapping is presented in easily understood graphics, allowing your customers to get a clear visual sense of their hearing loss and the benefits that hearing aids provide with actual live speech.

Using Speech Mapping as a counselling tool

Using our Speech Mapping system allows you to illustrate the dynamics of the customer’s hearing loss visually. It also demonstrates the benefits of both the hearing aid and the adjustments you make to both the customer and their support. It demonstrates your expertise and will engender a more profound trust and value in your counselling.

Illustrate the dynamics of the client’s hearing loss visually. Residual Dynamic Range.

Using Speech Mapping as a fitting tool

Using our Speech Mapping system within your fitting or consulting process will not add much time to your operations. When using Speech Mapping during any fitting session, whether it is a demonstration or an actual fitting, you match the hearing aid to a prescriptive target.
Then increase the accuracy of those settings by placing speech within the patient’s residual dynamic range. The system allows both you and the customer to evaluate how the hearing aids and its features are working in real time with live speech.

Use Speech Mapping as a verification tool

You can use our Speech Mapping tool to verify the hearing instrument fit which will save you precious time and avoid re-fitting. It is not much extra effort, and it will save both you and your patient’s valuable time.
The Primus Fitting System, REM and Speech Mapping module is the tool you need to deliver an outstanding customer experience, increase your conversions, and reduce your returns and re-fittings.

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about what Speech Mapping can do for you, contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Speech Mapping or the Primus system.