AuditBase enters Finland by signing Helsinki University Hospital

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) aims to excel in paperless operation and the recent purchase of AuditBase clinic management system for the HUS Hearing Centres is a vital part of this strategy.

Helsinki University Hospital - HUS

Three clinics with synchronised data

Both the Hearing Clinic (audiometry and hearing aid fittings), the Inner Ear Implants (CI), and the Ear Surgery departments at Helsinki University Hospital will use AuditBase. This means that all three clinics will use the same database, and all data will be available and synchronised for interchangeable use between the clinics.

Smooth integration with central hospital systems

The AuditBase installation will have a number of integrations to HUS Central IT-systems. To ease implementation and management, all demographic data on patients will come from the HUS central systems. As such, patient data will be integrated into AuditBase by simply entering a patient’s social security number. Linking databases this way ensures current demographic data in AuditBase, as information will be updated automatically, when changes are made in patient data.

Ear surgery at Helsinki University Hospital

Easy document exchange between vital databases

HUS central journal system will be fed journal data from AuditBase, such as audiograms, surgery reports, etc., just as it will be possible to upload other documents into the HUS central document repository via AuditBase. Patient appointment information is also automatically shared with AuditBase. One of the benefits this brings to the Hearing Clinic is patient appointments that are booked in the central IT-system will be copied into the AuditBase Appointment system. Here the employee can get an easy overview on which patients has been booked for the day and what resources will be needed (like staff, measurement room, equipment etc.).


Short facts about the HUS – AuditBase solution

  • Helsinki University Hospital is the first Finnish hospital to use AuditBase, and the AuditBase interface will be in Finnish.
  • All interfaces to central HUS IT-systems are based on the HL7 protocol.
  • The AuditBase system is set to go live in early 2017.


More information on AuditBase solutions

For more information on the AuditBase clinic management system or solutions, please see our Solutions for Hospitals or look at the AuditBase modules. You can also contact Thorkild Maaetoft, AuditBase Business Unit Director: +45 30 12 22 70 /