Auditdata acquires Entomed audiometer portfolio

Auditdata acquires Entomed’s product portfolio to complement the existing Primus Fitting System.

With a clear mission of providing the right solutions for hearing aid professionals, acquiring classic stand-alone audiometers is a great supplement to the new standard in fitting, Auditdata’s pc-based Primus Fitting System.

New markets emerge with Entomed distributor network

As part of taking over the product range, Entomed distributors will follow suit and are a welcomed addition to Auditdata’s existing distributor network. Entomed distributors are successfully active in markets, where Auditdata has no presence, which will create great opportunities for both Auditdata and the growing distributor network.

Entomed audiometers are ideal for frequent field use

Based in Sweden, Entomed specialises in ENT and production of audiometers. The recent product range, the Entomed SA 20x-IV generation, is targeted frequent field use with a lightweight, yet robust design.

Four new audiometers for diagnostics and screening

The Entomed product range covers both Screening Audiometers and Diagnostic Audiometers and all products supports interfaces in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Entomed stand-alone audiometer SA 204

Entomed stand-alone audiometer SA 204

Entomed Stand-alone audiometer SA 201

Entomed stand-alone audiometer SA 201