Auditdata A/S and GRO Capital join forces

The investment fund GRO Capital A/S acquires 46 % of Auditdata A/S and becomes main shareholder in the global independent provider of audiology solutions. 

With an accelerated growth in recent years, we see the need for increased focus on the sales and marketing activities to be able to reach our goal of becoming a world leading independent provider of innovative audiology solutions.

Auditdata CEO, Claus Bak Petersen

Sales and Marketing activities needs acceleration

“We are thrilled to invite GRO Capital on-board our quest to become a global leading independent provider of audiology solutions”, says Claus Bak Petersen, Auditdata Founder and CEO. “Our recent growth requires strengthening of our sales and marketing functions as we see great potential in not only existing but also new markets for our current and upcoming products.”

Brilliant convergence of software and hardware

Claus Bak Petersen describes how the unique DNA of the company provides a strong competitive advantage. “Founded as a software house, Auditdata has the perfect platform and skill set needed to keep engineering innovative and compatible solutions that meet the needs of an increasingly digitalised industry.” 

He continues, “We believe, we are ahead of our competition by the advanced convergence of our software and our hardware.”

Significant global growth and innovative software solutions

The investment fund GRO Capital sees the partnership as a great opportunity. “We are very excited to partner up with Auditdata, and to support the competent management in fulfilling their ambition of creating a preeminent independent provider of audiology solutions by providing our capital and knowledge", says Morten Weicher. “We see significant global growth and market penetration potential, and we believe Auditdata’s software-driven approach will help change the dynamics of the industry".

What the future holds for Auditdata solutions

Recent developments in Auditdata’s digital solutions, such as the cloud-based office management system Strato, are particularly interesting as they meet an increasing demand for compatible and intelligent solutions designed for and with audiology professionals. “There is no doubt we will continue to pursue and expand our endeavours on the global market with solutions based on our core competencies,” General Manager in Auditdata, Ib Drachmann-Hansen, explains. “As such we will also continue to develop hardware that complies with our digital mind-set.”

Management will continue the set course

Auditdata management will pursue the existing strategy with the additional funding to propel the company faster towards the end goal. The 46 % shares acquired by GRO Capital have been obtained from existing shareholders, and they will all continue to be active shareholders in this new constellation.


For more information 

Auditdata: Claus Bak, CEO of Auditdata: +45 40 51 87 85

GRO Capital: Morten Weicher, Partner at GRO Capital: +45 28 49 06 03

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