Auditdata is moving to larger premises

With the continued success of all Auditdata products, the company has seen it necessary to expand its team in Denmark. To match the growth in personnel, Auditdata also needs to move to new and larger premises.

New facilities are just around the corner

The new premises are not, however, very far away, as they are just opposite the square in Hoeje Taastrup, which is about 100 metres from the current office. “We are in general very pleased with our placement here in Hoeje Taastrup, since it is very close to the train station and not far from either the airport or downtown Copenhagen. However, we have outgrown the old office space with new hires over the past year and with a few more to come we just needed more space”, states CEO Claus Bak Petersen.

New Auditdata headquarters in Hoeje Taastrup, Denmark

New address takes effect 1st September

From Monday the 1st September 2014, the address of the Auditdata Headquarters will be Dalbergstroeget 5-7, 2630 Taastrup. In the new premises, the office will consist of two wings containing individual offices, test rooms and several meeting rooms, along with an upper floor that contains the canteen, kitchen and an extra meeting room.

“We look forward to starting up in the new office space and not least to welcoming our customers to new and improved meeting rooms when they come to visit”, states CEO Claus Bak Petersen.

New address details

All other contact information for Auditdata, phone numbers, email addresses etc., will remain the same:

Auditdata A/S
Dalbergstroeget 5-7
2630 Taastrup

+45 70 20 31 24


For more information

For more information, please contact CEO Claus Bak Petersen at +45 70 20 31 24