EUHA 2015 Report

In the middle of October, Audiology professionals from approx. 90 countries gathered in Nuremberg for the 60th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians - EUHA. We enjoyed three days of presentations, knowledge sharing, and catching up with customers and colleagues.

Speech Mapping with Primus at EUHA 2015Fitting systems go white

At the big US exhibition, AAA – Audiology NOW! – we introduced our updated Primus Pro Fitting System. A sleek, modern design with functions identical to our Primus +, however with a few added extras. The feedback we received was positive and encouraging regarding both added functionalities and design.

More information on Primus Pro

New audiometer introduced

This fall we followed suit with our brand new Primus Ice audiometer. The design matches Primus Pro, however the audiometer is half the size. The compact and lightweight design makes the Primus Ice a clinical audiometer ideal for fieldwork. Primus Ice is designed to perform basic audiometry tasks.

Primus Ice Audiometer mounted discretely on the wallMore information on Primus Ice.


Audiometer upside down?

We were very pleased with the response and feedback we got from both customers and colleagues. One of the more hidden features of both the Primus Pro and Primus Ice were applauded, and we were glad to demonstrate how easy and discretely both units can hang on a wall or under a table. 

Surroundings in light, Nordic design 

Our booth design mimicked the new, light and elegant style of our most recent product developments. The white base and stylish graphics created the perfect backdrop for demonstrating both our fitting systems and our clinic management system. We were glad to get compliments of this new, brighter look & feel, which is rooted in our light Nordic design heritage.

Auditdata booth at EUHA 2015

Increased interest in improving clinic workflows

In total, we experienced an increased interest in how both managers and audiologists could improve their individual as well as overall clinic workflow. Efficiency seems to be this year’s focus, as all aspects of clinic tasks can be optimised for the benefit of both the patients, the audiologists, and the clinic managers. 

Transducer updates

We pay close attention to our customers’ needs and one of the request we have received was adding a ruler on our probe. At EUHA we could demonstrate the updated REM Probe Flex, which has a fine printed ruler close to the probe tube. Furthermore, the holder is flexible and hangs neatly around the ear. The REM Probe Flex is also designed for paediatric use. 

Meet us or check out our products and solutions

In all we had a great time at EUHA and we look forward to next year.  If you want to meet us, we are participating in events around the world.

See our Event list for more details and find out, where we will be next!  

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