Exciting modules and features in latest Strato version

New, smart modules and features are available with the release of Strato 1.7, such as customising invoices, offline handling, and SMS notifications.   

Create customised invoicing in Strato

A new Invoicing module enables customised invoices for clients or third-party payers. The Strato Invoicing module includes pre-defined, customisable invoice templates.

The Invoicing module is an add-on module, which can be ordered in addition to the basic Strato license and it is designed to work in conjunction with the Strato Stock module. 

Strato Offline – easy offline synchronisation

If you occasionally need to work in Strato without an Internet connection, Strato has been upgraded to work offline, enabling you to do basic clinic tasks on a local PC. This can be a highly valuable feature for those, who do many home visits where the internet connection is not stable.

The Strato Offline module is an add-on, which can be ordered in addition to the basic Strato license.

SMS notifications

As an extra service, and in order to reduce the number of clients forgetting their appointments, Strato now offers an SMS notification module, which allows you to send appointment reminders by SMS.

With the SMS Notification module, you can choose between sending one or two reminders, and either a short or a long message text, up to 10 days before the appointment.

The SMS Notification module is an add-on module, which can be ordered separately in addition to the basic Strato license. 

Usability improvements

Strato 1.7 also includes some different usability improvements. You can for instance now colour code activities in the Scheduler with different colours for each activity. You can also add a client’s photo to the Client Data screen, making it easier to recognise the client in the waiting room.

Contact stratosales@auditdata.com, if you want to purchase any of the new modules or if you want to know more about Strato Office Management System for audiology practices.