With the release 1.9 Strato clinic management system sports an E-mail marketing option as well as improved functionalities. 

Strato now enables you to e-mail directly to a client – or a group of clients. E-mailing can often be more effective and less expensive than normal letters. When planning appointments in the Scheduler module or the Client module, you can easily schedule appointment notifications, reminders for individual clients.

You can also create invitations to events or marketing campaigns for groups of clients. Use one of the pre-designed templates or modify the templates to create a version tailored to your needs.

Emailing clients is a great way to deliver gentle reminders of appointments or due dates for lent out hearing aids. It is also an efficient way of informing clients about offers or events you might have.

Other improvements

We've taken the opportunity to adapt some of our user’s suggestions, such as alphabetical sorting of offices, users, and suppliers.

Also, a very important feature has been added for your convenience: the ability to choose 'Services' as an article type. This means you will now be able to get a more accurate labelling, and as such a better overview over how much ‘Service’ takes up of your business.

Number crunching has also become a bit easier, as nearly all Strato data can be used for Statistics and KPIs. Use Stratos pre-defined template or design your own. The data can be exported for further analysis in Microsoft Excel if needed.

The example below shows the number of hearing instruments sold by a Strato user – and the Average Sales Price. Another KPI displayed could be the number of new customers in a specific time range or the number of visits per client.