Improve scheduling and clinic workflows with the new Strato 1.10.

Strato 1.10 sports an improved version of Office handling and a clever use of Activity Types in the new release.


Strato 1.10 was released the 13th December 2016 and provides better usability when handling offices. You will find that the office location now defaults to the one you were actively using the last time you were logged in.

Easy management of multiple officesIf you should need to change the overall office location, it is easily done via the quick dropdown menu. As such, you do no longer need to enter the office location for each subsequent task and appointment – unless you want to, of course.


Manage your calendar with customisable Activity Types

Entering tasks and appointments in the Scheduler can now be tailored to provide an excellent overview and speed up your workflow by customising various Activity Types.

Create new Activity type in Strato for fast calendar management

Change any parameter for an activity

Predefine and customise your activity types to suit your needs, for example by defining a red colour for administrative tasks and determining the default duration of this activity.

Since all the parameters can be edited when you create a predefined activity, you can easily change for example the duration of a task, if you know you need more or less time to complete the task.

Speed up managing your calendar

Creating activity types for your most common tasks will give you a quick overview and make it a lot easier to manage your calendar and set up new tasks and appointments.

Manage your calendar and get a fast overview with Activity types in Strato.