Strato 1.8. is just released sporting upgraded functionalities and new features, such as customised messages for SMS notifications and flexible handling of duplicates.

Noah modules improvements

Strato has been modified to embrace the new version of the Noah Journal Module 4.4., which allows for more extended functionality when working with journals.

Easy sorting of Noah modules in Strato clinic management system

When working in Strato, all the Noah compatible modules are arranged chronologically by default, thus displaying the module first installed at the top. However, in Strato you can now create your own order, and saving your customised list of the modules as a preference.

More flexible handling of client workflows

In the Strato Client overview screen, you can now customise the view to show the data you find most relevant to your workflow.

This improvement is part of the overall Strato strategy to let you create your own personalised workflows for ease of management and increased efficiency. 

We recommend you create a workflow according to your specific clinic procedures, and if relevant you can add the ‘create sales actions’ as part of the client workflow. 

Avoid duplicate clients

To avoid duplicate clients or merging duplicated clients a simple filter will let you easily identify and resolve any redundant client info. A simple search on either Social Security number or first / last name or data of birth will bring our any duplicate clients

Easy merging of duplicate clients in Strato clinic management system

Enhance your marketing with Strato 

Use the option to create customised documents for a specific client or client group to optimise your marketing efforts. Whether you decide to send out invitations to tests, fittings, or inform the clients of any relevant offers, Strato handles your documents and your recipient clients in an intuitive workflow. You can prepare mass mailings and marketing campaigns directly in Strato, and it is easy to select the target group or individual in your client list. 

Statistic tools helps you improve your business

Almost any Strato data can be used for Statistics and KPIs. Predefined templates will get you going quickly and if you need to, you can create your own templates

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