New, multi-functional Primus free-field speaker

Auditdata’s new high-end speaker Primus LS Mini is compact, portable, and facilitates RECD measurements in combination with a smart RECD kit.

Auditdata releases a new, high-quality speaker, the Primus LS Mini. The speaker is designed to second as base for RECD measurements when combined with the RECD Air Kit.

Primus LS Mini speaker - and RECD base

With a robust and elegant design, the Primus LS Mini speaker is excellent for flexible work stations. The additional RECD Air Kit with coupler attachments and microphones makes it possible to perform RECD measurements anywhere. 


Primus LS Mini is a compact, portable high-end speaker

The new Primus LS Mini is a compact, portable speaker in an elegant, timeless design. Crafted to perfection, the MDF enclosure used for high-end loudspeaker systems is covered with a beautiful sanded and anodized aluminum.

Elegant and flexible speaker solution in compact design

The Primus LS Mini speaker is not only small, but also lightweight as it only weighs 1 kg. The footprint when standing is merely 11,5 cm x 8,8 cm.

It can simply be placed on the desk, on a tripod, or mounted on the wall with the additional wall brackets.

Engineered in close collaboration with audiology professionals

“The flexibility of the Primus LS Mini is great as it has a small footprint, great qualities, and a modern design,” says Clinical Audiologist at Auditdata, Eva Larsson. “A particularly brilliant feature is to allow the speaker to work as the base for RECD and coupler measurements,“ she continues. “I expect the speaker and the RECD Air Kit will be very attractive for pediatric audiologists.”

The Primus LS Mini will function as the base for RECD measurements

RECD and coupler measurements

True flexibility and ingenuity lies in the double function as a RECD base. Simply place the Primus LS Mini speaker flat on the desk, and perform the Real Ear to Coupler Difference measurement. Then place the chosen hearing instrument, coupler attachment, and microphone on the center of the speaker foam and perform the aided measurements.

Experience the Primus LS Mini and RECD Air Kit at AudiologyNow! 2017

The Primus LS Mini and the accompanying RECD Air Kit will be demonstrated at AudiologyNow! in April 2017. Auditdata will showcase the majority of the company’s portfolio, demonstrating the excellent synergies between the company’s software solutions and diagnostic instrument.

Being an independent player in the industry demands highly flexible solutions and compatibility – traits that are native to all Auditdata solutions, including this new Primus LS Mini and RECD Air Kit.

Download RECD Air kit datasheet here.

Download LS Mini datasheet here.


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