Modern interface technology in use for new Norwegian AuditBase customer

On the 4th May 2015, a new hospital in Østfold, Norway, opens, which will incorporate new and modern interface technologies between the hearing clinic’s AuditBase installation and the hospital’s central IT-System, DIPS.

Brand new interface technology

“We have used the newest interface technologies for this installation, which gives us many more possibilities when interfacing between systems and in terms of the sort of data that can be transferred,” says AuditBase Business Director at Auditdata, Thorkild Maaetoft. “It basically means that all audiological data like audiograms are automatically delivered to the hospital’s central IT system after the session with the patient has been finalized. There is full integration and no need for double entry into different systems, which saves a lot of time for the audiologists.”

Flexible document handling

All interfaces between AuditBase and surrounding systems are based on HL7 version 3 technology, which is an enhancement of an older HL7 technology. This interface method gives up-to-date possibilities when communicating with the central IT-System and adds a number of security features to the solution. For document handling the latest HL7 CDA technology is used, which gives a flexible interchange of clinical documents.

PAS-link ensures instantaneous transfers

“We have set up a new PAS link that transfers the patient’s demographical data, booking information, appointments for today and coming days as well as audiograms and other audiological documents straight from AuditBase into the central hospital system. AuditBase will start the day by getting the appointment lists for today and upcoming days and constantly throughout the day deliver information to the central hospital system automatically. This all happens while users work in AuditBase and without their involvement,” says Product Manager at Auditdata, Leif Richter.

Simplified workflow for audiologists

It is a vast improvement of the audiologists’ normal working routines, as in the past they have had to work in different systems and enter the same information several times.

“We welcome Østfold as a new AuditBase customer and we are looking forward to use these modern interface technologies in Norway and other countries were AuditBase is used,” says AuditBase Business Director, Thorkild Maaetoft.


For more information

For more information, please contact Auditdata at or +45 70 20 31 24.