Auditdata Chooses PC Werth as Distributor for UK & Ireland

PC Werth and Auditdata chose Audiology Now! in Boston to complete their agreement for the promotion, service and support of the Primus Fitting System.

This partnership unites two of hearing healthcare's most progressive companies at this crucial period in audiology, by helping professionals address the twin challenges of budget constraints and AQP through performance, integration, cost management and portability.

AuditBase customers pointed to PC Werth

Martin Thomsen, CFO of Auditdata explains that "Working with our AuditBase customers helped us recognise the skills only available from specialised instrument suppliers. PC Werth stood out as the ideal partner because they are trusted and independent, with long expertise and growing sales success. I also think their can-do approach works well for audiology today."

Auditdata CEO Claus Bak Petersen shakes hands with PC Werth Tom Parker.

REM is essential for PC Werth portfolio

Tom Parker at PC Werth says the Real Ear Fitting System compliments the rest of the PC Werth range. "Real Ear's stroke of genius was to predict the popularity of separate Audiometer/REM units and HIT boxes that share a common software platform."

"This means the Real Ear Audiometry REM/VSM module has been totally portable from day one, removing the requirement for new hardware. The development team therefore concentrate on developing new tests and modules quickly for customers. As a result, Real Ear is capable, portable, fully developed and stable. Better still, Real Ear integrates seamlessly with AuditBase and we can calibrate it by post, which makes it cost effective too."


The Real Ear Fitting System is available with Audiometer, REM, VSM, special tests, high frequency and HIT modules. Supplied with inserts or 'phones, this flexible platform can be upgraded at any stage.

For more information

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