Updating Primus to Better Suit Your Needs

What's new in Primus

We continually listen to the feedback from clinicians in the field to make our products better.

Your feedback is essential, and it shapes everything that we do. We understand that easier, is always better. Our core belief is that we should make the complicated easy. With this in mind, we continually try to ensure that our products allow you to undertake daily tasks while delivering better user experience.

"A Simple Uncluttered Interface That Focuses on The Job at Hand"

Listening To You

We have been listening to your feedback, and with this release, we have addressed some of the observations raised. We understand your need for a simple and uncluttered interface that focuses on the job at hand.

With this in mind, we have now hidden some controls when they are not in use. We have also made some elements such as REUG measurement, MCL and UCL, much more visible so that you can see them clearly at a glance.

Reporting Your Way

We also understand that your need for easy but powerful reporting. Primus now includes interactive PDF forms with data fields available for all current reports. We know that many of you have unique requirements for reporting.

With this in mind, we have enabled the creation of customisable reports or forms using Adobe Acrobat. You can include client data, measurement fields and any other custom fields that you use on a day to day basis to build your reports in a way that makes sense for you.  


"Making Your User Experience Better"

IMC2 Interface Support

Primus is now IMC2 certified, which is the new standard for integration between hearing instrument fitting and real-ear measurement systems.

IMC2 allows fitting and measurement modules to speak to each other directly. IMC2 enables the verification process to be guided and automated, providing hearing care professionals with a simplified moreover, more efficient workflow.

Primus now enables a smooth workflow because of the built-in IMC2 capabilities. It allows you to concentrate on one user interface, while the guided workflow gives instructions at every step of the process. We believe that the new feature will help you save time on the target-based verification within the fitting process. The result is a better hearing instrument fit, a happier customer and time saved with an easy verification.

Automatic Transducer Selection

If the default transducer for any test type is not available, Primus will now automatically search for and switch to a compatible transducer that is available. The selection of a transducer for a stimulus signal will automatically be applied for the masking signal except for during the BCL test type.

GDPR Compliance

We also have addressed the criteria for anonymisation in the GDPR by ensuring that you can export anonymised client data to an XML if you need to.

This version of the Primus software release contains the following enhancements.


  • You can now create and use interactive PDF forms to view and print reports

Save time with less manual data entry and document processing. The report forms are easy to fill out, preview, print for mailing or send out by email.


  • IMC2 interface support, Primus now supports the inter-module communication protocol
  • A compatible transducer is selected if the current one is not connected
  • Use the same transducer type for the stimulus and non-test channels
  • The binaural view is hidden for the tests where it is not available
  • Added support for the DD 65 V2 transducer and the insert phone type ER 3C

Speech Audiometry

  • Use decimals for word score percentage
  • UCL/MCL - score is displayed at 0% (left ear and binaural) and 100% (right ear)
  • We will now hide the controls for masking or dichotic tests if you disable them offering you a clearer screen.


  • REUG is visible by default when switching to Occluded Measurement
  • Cursor lines remain visible during REM measurement
  • Refresh transducer data for REM transducers
  • Calibration
  • Password protection for free-field calibration

System-Wide Enhancements

  • Primus remembers monitoring levels for each module and monitoring remains on if you switch between modules.
  • Access to How to videos directly from the Help drop-down menu
  • Automatically open selected measurements from GDT
  • Date and time fields added to Primus GDT
  • We have also added A, W, Z and as possible curve style symbols


  • We have now added an anonymised client export feature

Committed to Providing You with The Tools You Need

At Auditdata we are committed to providing you with tools that make your job easier. With your continued feedback, we will continue to design and innovate across our products in a way that meets your needs. Our primary goal is to offer the ideal system for you, one that makes the complicated, easy.


You can download the full Release Notes here.